Hosted Desktop Services

Virtual Hosted Desktop Services

Corporate Shields offers virtual hosted desktop services to businesses in the Orlando, FL area and nationwide. Virtual hosted desktop solutions optimize business operations, reduce IT operating costs, and eliminate the need for many IT services.

Remote Desktops can reduce data loss risks and help protect your sensitive data. Virtual Desktops also reduce the amount of computing resources required to run applications and data.

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What are Virtual Hosted Desktops?

Many production software packages today have a client-server design. You may already be hosting your server in the cloud. You can also take advantage of these benefits on the client side. It may be time for you to virtualize your workspace and move it to the cloud.

The days of needing to work from the same PC and the same desktop are gone forever. Virtual workspace solutions allow you and your employees to your desktops with you, wherever you go. Workspace virtualization empowers your employees to be fully functional in any environment, no matter where they are.

Key Benefits of Virtual Desktops

No more being stuck at the same computer, chained inside the same workspace. Access your desktop from the office, from home, or while you’re on the road! It’s the same workspace, wherever you go.

Individually managed client desktops come with inherent security risks. A centrally hosted workspace is easily managed and secured to protect your data from being compromised or lost.

The cyber security experts at Corporate Shields are certified, well-informed of the latest threats, and know how to implement the best practices, techniques, and protocols to safeguard your organization.

Your IT staff dedicates a lot of time to managing employee hires and departures. Not anymore. As employees leave, their profiles can be removed (or archived) instantly. New hire profile creation is streamlined and standardized.

Build your environment exactly how you need it. There are no limits on resources or availability, and there is no wasted space. Choices of operating system and host design are all configurable as you need them.

Why Corporate Shields?

You need your workspace migration to go as seamlessly as possible. The IT experts at Corporate Shields are prepared to assist you with the virtualization process and will be there to support you following implementation as well. Our team is available 24/7 and responds quickly to service requests.

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