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Looking for an IT managed services company in Orlando? Need help with your office IT systems? What are Managed IT Services?

In this video, we talk about the types of services our company, Corporate Shields, offers and what sets us apart from other vendors. Not all IT services and IT companies are built equally. Many IT companies come to the market and start offering Managed IT Services, but what are Managed IT Services? Well, simply put, managed IT services are services that provide your business with proactive IT maintenance, IT services, and IT support for your business network to avoid issues and downtime. The purpose of managed IT services is to identify issues before they become a problem and cause outages or downtime for your business.

As part of this type of service, we monitor your business IT network and perform much-needed system maintenance to keep your systems optimized and secure. Other services can also be included, such as cyber security, back-ups, cloud solutions, and many other services. One can compare managed IT services with the type of proactive service offered for your car! You take your car to the dealer to change the oil and fluids and check the breaks. You do this because your car needs maintenance, and without it, you would simply be driving an unreliable and unpredictable car.

The principle is the same and can be applied to computers and business networks. Computers and networks need constant maintenance to perform at their best, and many vendors constantly review their software and release performance updates as well as security updates. If maintenance is not performed on your network, your systems will simply degrade, slow down, and you will likely end up with an undependable network and downtime.

We are a privately owned company and our priority is you, our customer!

Another factor that sets us apart from other IT companies is the fact that we are NOT a franchise. There are many IT franchises, and their business model is more of a sales company than a true technology company. Franchises are usually run by salespeople who buy into the franchise and then pass the technical work to a corporate team. These teams are not local to you and do not get to know your company as well as a local company can. Many of the services these franchises offer are simple and not customizable due to the need to be able to operate in different markets. Also, their priorities are simply different than those of a privately owned company.

Think about a mass-production car company and a high-performance company. Mass production vehicles lack the controls and quality of high-performance car companies because their main goal is to build cars quickly and get them off the production line. The same goes with franchised IT companies. Even if their businesses are in the same field, two businesses are not the same. Now, why would you dive into a “cookie-cut” type service? Everyone in our company has some kind of technical background, and all the work is performed by our local Orlando team!

At its core, Corporate Shields is a business security company, and we can customize our services since we are not a franchise. This means that when your business requires different services or unique IT requirements, we can meet those demands. With our team of highly skilled engineers, we can develop services and solutions that many vendors simply don’t have the know-how for.

Give us a call today and let’s set up a free consultation at your office. Call our Orlando office at 407-573-0206 or simply email us at



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