Best Makeup Camera – We look at the Top 5 For Makeup Videos and YouTube Tutorials

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Best Makeup Camera for Makeup Videos

The best makeup camera for makeup videos or tutorials will allow the makeup artist to capture color and beauty at incredible levels of detail and color depth.

Recording makeup videos can be tricky because the point of making a makeup video is to capture beauty and detail. The camera has to be able to capture every detail of the make artist’s job.

In this article, we researched and evaluate the best camera for makeup analyzing features known to increase image quality and detail. We searched for cameras with a good CMOS image sensor, pixels, resolution, and versatility, among others factors.

Makeup Artists

Artists differentiate from each other by using individual styles and techniques that create unique looks. To capture the makeup artist’s art, Full HD video and high resolution images are important for catching detail. The image quality has to be detailed and sharp so that makeup professionals can showcase their work. Makeup artists use special lighting to bring out detail.

Don’t be afraid of trying a ring light. A ring light can bring up beauty and detail in most conditions. These lights add a soft white light touch to face portrait seen in many professional video and photography production.

The Best Makeup Camera Makeup Artists | Our Top Picks

Makeup experts need to film high quality videos including in low-light conditions. Makeup work needs to be captured in high detail for the audience to appreciate beauty. We quickly determined that the best camera for makeup creators needs to support interchangeable lenses, and optical zoom is the way to go if you want to capture details like face pores.

The Best Camera For Beauty Videos

For those making Youtube makeup tutorials or vlogs, the best cameras with good battery life, image stabilization, and a resolution of Full HD 1080p or better are the preferred choice.

When searching for the best camera for beauty videos, image stabilization, low light capability, and an excellent optical zoom are essential.

A makeup artist is a creator and artist, and the camera is the only tool that can capture your art and show it to the world, don’t ruin it by using a cheapo camera.

How to Choose The Best Camera for Makeup Videos – Best Makeup Camera

What makes a great camera for:

Battery Life

A camera for makeup video and photography needs to have good battery life. During a photoshoot, the camera is under heavy and constant use. Makeup artists are working with models, and sometimes the shots are spontaneous, and having to stop the photoshoot to replace batteries can get in the way of creativity.

The same goes when shooting videos for Youtube. When the camera is recording video in FULL HD video, it consumes more battery while processing the higher quality images.

However, video quality is paramount when filming beauty videos and for vloggers, simply put high-quality video will consume more power, and a camera with good battery life is welcomed.

Sure some cameras offer AC adapters and can be plugged in a while taking pictures of videotaping. Still, ideally, makeup professionals need to move around to show and demonstrate techniques and showcase the models’ makeup.

Image Stabilization

The best cameras for makeup artists will have good battery life but also good video stabilization. If you are filing a video for a Youtube audience, the competition is great and subscribers demanding. Youtube audiences crave quality videos. Cameras with image stabilization will void shaky videos and improve video quality.

No one likes shaky videos

Shaky videos scream low quality and are unprofessional. Low-quality videos can damage your brand and send the wrong message to your audience. This is a great feature for a makeup artist since there will like be movement involved while vlogging. Ask yourself how many shaky videos on Youtube you have skipped.

Many makeup vloggers lose their audience due to the quality of their videos, not because of their work. People watch makeup vlogs to learn and see steps in detail, thus why video quality is paramount.

Camera Resolution

High-Quality photos or videos are essential to capture a face detail and a makeup artist’s work. To showcase the makeup work on a model’s face the camera needs to have sufficient pixels to capture detail and for the images to look sharp.

Makeup vlogging is unique because so much detail needs to be captured to show the makeup artist’s work. Details like face pores, shadows, and highlights need to be seen by the audience.

The Hardware – I.E Image Processor

Digital cameras use digital image sensors to capture the light coming through the lens and turn that data into images. Some cameras use what is known as an APS C CMOS sensor, while other cameras will feature an APS H CMOS sensor. These sensors are correlated with Canon cameras, but similar types of sensors can be found in other brands.

CMOS refers to the type of sensor, where APS C and APS H refer to the image sensor’s size. These are Canon sensor descriptions, but most manufacturers have similar terms for their sensors.

The main takeaway is to pay attention to the camera sensor specification of whatever camera you are purchasing. The image sensor is the camera’s brain, but the bigger the brain, the bigger the price. The best makeup cameras used by many professionals are DSLR cameras, as these cameras boast the best image sensors

Here is a Tip

If you are looking for the best image possible, great detail and depth, plus great performance in low light conditions, then shell out some bucks in a “full-frame sensor” camera. However, don’t be too quick to dismiss small frame sensors( i.e. APS C CMOS sensor ). These sensors can capture amazing images when combined with the right lenses and skills. Smaller sensors will save you money!

Camera Zoom

Expectedly makeup artists need to zoom in to the model’s face to reveal the makeup work, detail, and beauty. The same goes when filming video products or taking pictures of models, products, or beauty accessories.

Most cameras include some sort of zoom feature for users to film objects or take pictures close. However, there are two types of zoom-in cameras, and each flavor has its cons and pros.

Digital Zoom

Digital zoom is less harp and is found on cheaper cameras and best cameras alike. However, the best way to explains digital zoom in cameras is to refer to it as artificial zoom. The reason why is because digital zoom is software generated. A computer chip and software enrage image pixels creating or framing a larger picture.

The advantage of digital zoom is that it is easy for the manufacturer to pack large zoom numbers into small cameras since it doesn’t require larger optics or glass, just a computer chip, and software. However, the downside of digital zoom is quality and sharpness.

Lower-end cameras’ software can fail to retain image quality when zooming, and video and pictures can blurry.

Optical Zoom

Optical zoom is usually found in the best cameras (DSLRs). For instance, professional cameras or DSLRs only use glass lenses or optical lenses to adjust and zoom to images.

A professional camera can have a fixed lens with a set optical zoom or be equipped with adjustable optical glass zoom lenses. The best cameras can be outfitted with different lenses and operate at different optical zoom distances.

The most significant advantage of optical zoom is quality. Glass lenses will render the best images, whether taking pictures or video. Optical or glass lenses use optics to augmentative photos, and pictures retain their quality.

The downside of optical lenses is they add weight, size and are more expensive. High-quality lenses can capture more detail and depth than digital zoom can.

If you are looking for the best camera for makeup photography or Youtube videos, consider a camera with an excellent optical lens or interchangeable lenses.


The best cameras for makeup artists have distinct features which meet unique needs by makeup artists. According to Makeup Artists Edu, one of the qualities of a good makeup artist is capturing detail and working well with people.

When using the right equipment, makeup photography can be very rewarding, but a bad camera can make the job very hard.

Here are some features which can help makeup artists produce amazing makeup tutorials. Although they are important, there are features like shutter speed that do not make that much of a difference when shooting videos or a makeup tutorial.

Video resolution should be at the top of your list. Makeup vloggers should consider cameras with good video resolution.

LCD Screen

LCD screens are pretty standard on modern cameras; however, only a few have a flip screen or LCD monitor. Often makeup artists are working and apply makeup on a model’s face while shooting videos.

Flip Screen

If the camera is equipped with a flip screen, you can see what images are in the frame and recorded. Also, you can see if the images being captured are what you want to show to your audience.

A flip screen is a feature that allows for self-monitoring when filming or taking pictures, especially when help is limited.


The best cameras come equipped with wireless cards, allowing makeup artists to access the camera data quickly. This is very convenient when you want to quickly review pictures or videos using a mobile phone or tablet without removing the memory card from the camera and boot up a computer or laptop to go over the photos and videos.

Cameras with WIFI cards are convenient. Being able to grab your phone and see or download pictures on the fly is a big plus. With WIFI cameras, there isn’t a need to connect cables to a computer or remove SD cards from the camera to review data.

Being able to connect to your camera’s wifi card and see images on your mobile phone and even download pictures and edit them right on your phone or tablet, is priceless.

Wi-Fi-equipped cameras help with productivity and editing. It is extremely helpful to use your mobile phone to see and monitor a photoshoot. Plus today’s phones are capable of editing photos and video which means, you can upload videos to the Internet within minutes. Wi-Fi-enabled cameras might cost a bit more but this is one feature with paying for.

Whan to get your makeup photos up on social media? Connect to the Wi-Fi camera and upload!

WiFi Two Flavors

Some cameras have built-in wifi cards, which are preferred, and other cameras support WiFi but required an external card or adapter. These adapters work well, and the biggest downside is that the WiFi adapters are small and easy to misplace.

External Microphone connection

Most cameras will have a built-in microphone, especially a video (camcorder) camera. Nevertheless, beauty bloggers are constantly speaking during makeup vlogs, and the point of a video tutorial is to teach an audience and transfer knowledge. A good microphone is a makeup artist’s best friend.

Cameras with the option to connect an external microphone are best for beauty vloggers. An external microphone can be placed strategically close to the makeup artist to capture high-quality audio.

The microphone can also be placed out of the picture but close enough to capture high-definition audio, without background noise or eco. External wireless microphones can be hidden away but clipped on close to the makeup artist’s mouth, capturing the highest audio possible.


Whether your main focus is makeup photography or makeup tutorials, a good camera for makeup artists should be versatile. A good camera can be expensive and having to buy multiple cameras because your old camera lacks features or functions can add up quickly.

Taking the time to explore a camera’s versatility can save money. For example, the best DSLR cameras can take amazing pictures and record very high-resolution video. Of course, a camera that only does one function will do that function best, but not everyone might be able to afford two cameras or need two cameras.

Here is also something to consider, look for cameras with good iso range. Dynamic range is something that only the best cameras provide but sought after but those seeking the highest most detailed images. Shooting makeup videos, again, is all about detail and quality.

Autofocus is your friend

When filming a makeup video, a fast and accurate focus system will be your best friend. A camera capable of getting on the focus point fast and accurately will help you capture those once-in-a-lifetime moments. Images out of focus will not yield good picture quality.

Decide if you need a picture or video camera or one that can do both!

A camera for makeup video and makeup vlogging needs to work well in low light plus capture good photos and videos. Cameras with interchange lenses give great flexibilities such as portrait or wide-angle lenses.

When searching for the best camera for beauty videos, consider the features and options we just discussed and avoid having to buy a new camera months later as you grow your brand and business.

The Top 5 Best Makeup Camera for Makeup Videos, Tutorials, and Vlogging.

When shopping for a good camera for makeup tutorials or makeup vlogging is recommended to utilize a good quality camera, more capable than your average point and shoot cameras. Point and shoot cameras are small, light, and easy to carry around but lack some of the features we explained earlier.

Sure we all love a compact camera when traveling, but if standing out as a professional is your goal, well, let’s look at the cameras used by the big boys and girls.

Smaller cameras or ‘point and shoot” picture cameras have a sound autofocus system built-in allowing inexperienced users to take a quick picture. Still, these small cameras might fall short, especially for makeup vlogging or compare to a high-end video camera. These cameras cost good money, so we looked for cameras that are good at taking both images and videos.

To see how these cameras measure up, we focused on the following factors:

Camera Resolution, camera zoom, features, versatility, and price.

1. Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Full Frame Digital SLR Camera Body

The Canon EOS 5D Mark IV is a full-frame camera which means it can take full definition pictures without needing to crop images to fit in the camera’s image sensor frame capturing as many pixels as possible, rendering the highest image quality within the capabilities of the camera.

Not only is this Canon capable of taking astonishing high quality images, but it can also record video in high quality 4K HD. This is one of the best cameras in the market, and its track record supports this statement.

This camera is the preferred choice for many professionals, and it rivals Nikon’s sales each year. Most photographers prefer this camera for its image quality capabilities and because its lenses are priced better than other competitors.

This camera can take pictures up to 30.4 megapixels, has a full-frame sensor, and can record 4K video up to 30 frames per second. Its dual pixel CMOS AF is responsive and smooth AF during video or live view shooting.

If you are looking for the best camera for makeup photography or video, consider this camera.

2. Canon DSLR Camera EOS 90D Beauty Vlogging Video Creator Kit with Stereo Microphone

The Canon EOS 90D is another excellent option for makeup artists, especially this bundle. The Canon EOS 90D creators kit comes ready with everything you need to shoot your first makeup video.

This camera is capable of shooting 4K video and taking high quality pictures. The Canon EOS 90D is like a little syster to the Canon Mark 5D MarkIV.

The 90D does not have a full-frame sensor like the 5D does, but if you aren’t planning on printing large posters or photos, a standard frame sensor will work well.

This is camera bundle includes a stereo microphone, memory sd card, the camera. The dual pixel AF system (Autofocus) can get on focus fast to capture those spontaneous shots during a photoshoot.

This camera packs many features, including a wireless and Bluetooth card, a face tracking autofocus feature, and a touch flip screen.

What we like:

  • The camera resolution is 32.5 megapixels which is at professional levels.
  • This camera can record video in 4K, which means professional-quality video.
  • Great package for those wanting to start recording videos right away, everything you need to create your first Youtube video is included.
  • Different optical zoom lenses can be purchased, including portrait lenses to capture amazing photos. This camera package includes a variable lens capable of taking wide-angle shots and close-ups.
  • Love the touch screen, no need to click on buttons and navigate menus using joysticks; the touch screen makes it easy to navigate menus and playback pictures.
  • The screen tilts so you can monitor your video recordings.
  • Built-in WiFi and Bluetooth, use your phone to control the camera and see images.
  • This camera is very versatile and can be used in many environments.

What we don’t like:

  • Quality comes at a price.
  • This isn’t a full-frame camera, but unless large prints are needed, it will do well.

3. Canon EOS 6D Mark II Digital SLR Camera Body, WiFi Enabled

I know you are probably wondering what’s the deal with all the Canon cameras. Well, you searched for the best camera for makeup tutorials and the best camera for beauty vloggers. Canon cameras high quality professional cameras but are designed to be used by every experience level user.

The Canon EOS 6D Mark II is a powerful camera comparable to the Canon 5D but with fewer features and a smaller price tag If you are looking for a full-frame camera to capture high quality images.

This camera is smaller than the 5D, and some might prefer it due to its price and excellent performance.

This camera has fewer pixels than the Canon 5D and 90D but still at a very respectable 26.2 megapixels with a full-frame sensor. The camera has all the components to create amazing photos and videos.

This camera offers a touch screen that can also be tilted and used as a monitor. Another big difference between this camera and the 5d and 90D besides price is that it doesn’t shoot video in 4k. However, if portability is the primary concern and most of the video shooting is for small frame platforms like YouTube, this camera is a great choice.

What we like:

  • The camera resolution is 26.2 megalpixels which is at professional levels.
  • This camera can record video in Full HD, which means good quality video for platforms like Youtube.
  • Different optical zoom lenses can be purchased, including portrait lenses.
  • This camera package includes a variable lens capable of taking wide-angle shots and close-ups.
  • Another touchscreen camera, no need to click on buttons to navigate menus using joysticks; the touch screen makes it easy to navigate menus and playback pictures.
  • The screen tilts so you can monitor your video recordings.
  • Built-in WiFi and Bluetooth, use your phone to control the camera and see images and GPS.
  • This camera is very versatile and can be used in many environments.
  • A smaller, lightweight body is easier to carry around town.
  • Reasonable price for a full-frame camera.

What we don’t like:

  • Does not shoot video in 4k, but that reflects in the price.
  • Fewer pixes and less capable image sensor.

4. Canon EOS Rebel T7 DSLR Camera with 18-55mm Lens | Built-in WiFi

The Canon EOS Rebel has been a know choice camera for makeup artists. This camera is a great Youtube beauty camera because it comes in at a great price and is simple to use. Although it is more affordable than other big performers in this list, it can still take beautiful pictures with multiple interchangeable optic lenses at a maximum of 24.1 pixels.

This camera can shoot videos at Full HD, which is not as high quality as 4K video but still suitable for online video platforms. This camera offers features like built-in WiFi and optical zoom.

What we like:

  • The camera resolution is 24.1 megapixels which is at professional levels.
  • This camera can record video in Full HD, which means good quality video cameras for Youtube and other platforms.
  • Different optical zoom lenses can be purchased, including portrait lenses to capture amazing photos.
  • The screen tilts so you can monitor your video recordings.
  • Built-in WiFi, use your phone to control the camera and see images.
  • This camera is light and easy to carry around.
  • Reasonable price for a full HD 1080p camera.

What we don’t like:

  • No touch screen or tilt screen
  • Lesser autofocus point

5. Video Camera Camcorder Full HD 1080P 24.0 MP IR Night Vision Vlogging Camera 

We came across this video camera camcorder during our research for the best camera for filming makeup tutorials, and after some research, we knew we found a gem. This vlogging camera by SEREE can take good quality pictures at 24 megapixels and 1080P HD video.

This camcorder is a good camera for makeup artists looking for something simple to get started with Youtube makeup videos at the lowest price point possible.

This camera only offers digital zoom, which means that quality will not be as high as other cameras in this list with optical lenses, but it will still produce good Youtube videos.

What we like:

  • Good quality CMOS sensor with 24 megapixels which is comparable to more expensive cameras in this list.
  • Good video quality proper for makeup bloggers – 1080p videos
  • The tilt LCD screen can be turned 360 and use as a monitor during the recording of videos or makeup tutorials.
  • This camera includes 2 batteries.
  • Built-in microphone.
  • This camera is lightweight.
  • Amazing price.

What we don’t like:

  • The CMOS sensor is not a powerful as other cameras in this list, but this is expected at this price range.
  • Only digital zoom, which will distort images at max zoom.
  • This is a budget video camera, and features and quality won’t be the highest but will work for beauty blogging and simple photography.

One Last Word.

If you search for the best camera for makeup photography and video, the top 3 Canon cameras in this list are great choices. The perfect camera for makeup artists has to take high quality pictures and video. The Canon cameras in this list are the most sought out cameras and used cameras by beauty and portrait photographers. The Canon Mark 5D is probably one of the most popular cameras on the market.

Beauty blogging requires good video resolution, and if your budget allows it, choose a 4K camera. If you are searching for the best camera for makeup, Youtube makeup work, and makeup tutorial

What is the best camera for makeup tutorials?



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