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Corporate Shields has been offering IT Services to the Orlando business community for over ten years. During this time, we have been forming great relationships and have built Corporate Shields to one of Florida’s top Tech IT Companies in Orlando.

Corporate Shields will never lock you into a 3-year contract as our competitors do. We strongly believe in earning your business every month.

We offer our customers a 30 days money-back guarantee. If you are not happy with our services, we return your money. Subscription based-plans are available.

Top Rated IT Company.

What makes us unique from other IT Companies in Orlando?

Corporate Shields is known for being one of the fastest, most responsive IT companies in Orlando FL. What makes us one of the best tech companies in Orlando? Our obsession with customer service. All our Support Team is available 24/7 and are trained to handle any computer or IT situation.
Customer Service is of the utmost importance, and our team members are trained to put customer service above anything else.

Business owners do not have to wait on the phone for IT Help. Your business network is an essential part of your business, and computer issues can bring your operations to a halt.

Best Tech Company in Orlando FL.

Why choose Corporate Shields over other IT Companies in Orlando?

We understand the need for reliable IT services and support. Real people answer our support phones, and you never wait on hold. Our average response time for online tickets is five minutes or less.

We don’t like contracts and will never make you sign one.

Call 407-573-0206 and speak to an IT Support Specialist today!




What makes Corporate Shields a Reliable IT Company?

Corporate Shields offers businesses unlimited access to a group of IT experts 24/7. Unlike our competitors, we do not outsource our technical staff overseas or even other companies in the US. Our Tech Support team is located in Orlando, Florida.

Our Managed IT Services are affordable and built to support any business. Our team of experts will keep your business network smooth and operations all year long.