7 Best Smartphones with Stylus in 2022

smartphones with stylus

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Smartphones with stylus have gained popularity, and more phones and coming to market at a more affordable price point. Phones like the Samsung Galaxy Note and Motorola Moto G Stylus are popular phones with a stylus.

This article lists the top and best rated and selling stylus phones, and we include detailed reviews to help you find the best or at least a good phone to suit your needs.

Why a Smartphone with a Stylus?

A smartphone with a stylus can provide extra advantages not seen in standard touchscreen phones. For some, these phones can help you be more productive by allowing you to utilize productivity applications like Evernote, Google Docs, and Microsoft Office on your smartphone rather than needing to use a laptop or try to scribble with your fingers.

While there are other comfort benefits, such as the ability to use an active pen while wearing cold weather gloves to use your phone, the primary reason these phones are popular is that they enable you to utilize business tools and writing applications more effectively.

Although touch screens in smartphones are expected in the future to improve the accuracy in press-and-spin moves, nothing beats being able a pen-like device to write. For example, in cases when you need to enter an electronic signature or digitally signing documents. That’s where styluses shine!

And yes, ladies, if you have long nails, you can use the stylus pen to write, draw, and even daily a phone number.

What to Consider When Getting a Stylus Phone?

If you are planning to get a smartphone with a stylus, there are some factors to consider. These factors involve the user’s preference and also the phone’s capabilities. The following guide will walk you through it.

How do they work?

There are various types of smartphones that have a stylus pen which can either be active or passive. In smartphones that have an active stylus, the tip of the pen emits a signal which is then followed by another signal from the phone’s surface.

In other words, phones with an active stylus pen are more accurate and will respond better to your commands. Also, expect extra features like pressure-activated functions.

There are smartphones with passive stylus pens where the energy from your hand is enough to activate functions but think about passive pens more like a basic computer mouse. These pens are more common in a budget phone.

Easy use and Comfortability

There are various features that make smartphones comfortable for users. One of these is the size of the phone. The phone’s overall size should be manageable for one-handed use, as well as being easy to grip. If you are planning on using your phone while on the go on hob sites or walking around town, a phone that fits in your hand will work best.

If you are planning on using the phone more like a tablet or playing games, then focus on screen space and size.

Another factor to consider is the weight of the phone. A phone that is too heavy may cause discomfort over time, so it is important to find one that is not too heavy. Another issue that can cause discomfort is if a phone has a protruding camera lens.

The stylus pen also contributes to the comfort of a phone. It should be easy to hold and have a good grip. The length and width of the pen also matter, making it easier for users to write with.

Smartphones with good cameras for selfies, groupies, and rear cams.

Cellphone cameras have come a long way in the past few years. Many smartphones now have dual or even triple cameras, making it more effortless to take great photos and videos. Some smartphones even have more than four lenses.

But what about smartphones with a stylus pen? Well, Phones like the Galaxy Note feature excellent cameras too so you get a built-in stylus but also a good camera. Just make sure that you look at the camera specs and look for at least 12 megapixels.

If you are big into selfies, ensure the phone has a front-facing or selfie camera. A Selfie camera is basically a camera on the phone’s screen size.

Smartphones with long battery life – Battery Capacity

Smartphones with long battery life are important because they can last all day without needing to be recharged. This is especially important if you’re using your phone for work or traveling or those who rely on their phone for vital functions.

Smart Phones with long-lasting batteries will allow people to go about their lives without worrying about charging every two hours or finding the next power outlet.

Type of Stylus Pen

There are two types of stylus pens: active and passive. Active stylus pens emit a signal that is then followed by another signal from the phone’s digital screen.

Passive stylus pens rely on the pressure from your hand to activate it and they do need batteries.

Another difference between the two types of stylus pens is that active styluses have better pressure sensitivity. This means that you can make thinner or thicker lines based on how hard you press down on the pen. Passive styluses do not have this feature, so the line thickness is always the same.

Active styluses are also generally bigger in size than passive styluses. This can be important for

Active Stylus Pens

There are various pros and cons to using active stylus pens versus passive styluses. Active styluses offer better pressure sensitivity, making it possible to create thin or thick lines based on how hard you press down on the pen. They are also generally bigger in size, which can be important for those who have large hands.

Active styluses also require batteries, which can run out quickly. If you’re not careful, you could find yourself without a working pen in the middle of a project. Additionally, they can be more expensive than passive styluses to replace.

Applications Supported by the Smartphone stylus

Most smartphones with a stylus support a variety of business, writing, and productivity applications. These applications are often used for work, school, personal use and even graphic design.

For example, the Galaxy Note 9 features an app called S Pen Notes. This app allows you to take handwritten notes on your phone. You can also add drawings, diagrams, and sketches to your notes.

Another application that is often used with smartphones with a stylus is Adobe Photoshop Sketch. This application allows you to create digital drawings and paintings. You can also add layers, adjust colors, and use various tools to create your artwork.

Not all stylus phones are compatible with writing or graphics design apps. Some phones only work with basic note apps while others can support advanced applications like Microsoft Office.

Make sure the phone you choose supports the tasks you plan on using the phone with.

Compatibility and replacements

The stylus can easily be lost, particularly when the phone doesn’t have docking capabilities. Consider the cost of replacing the pen as part of your shopping list.

Here is a list of The Top Smartphones with Styluses

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 5G

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 has been upgraded from the Note 20 Ultra but not significantly. Overall the basic specs are close, and you get a lot of your money. You get to choose from 5 different colors and two different phone variations, The Galaxy Note 20 and the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra ( 20 ).

The Galaxy Note 20 ultra is the larger model. There are two-screen choices a 6.7 inch and a 6.9 inch screen. This is a 5G phone and supports the latest WiFi protocols, including Wi-Fi 6. The camera is powerful and able to capture video at 8k

Styles type: Active stylus

Benefits and Features:

  • Bluetooth enabled S pen with a 24 hours battery ( stand by ), this pen can operate at distances of 30 feet.
  • A 10 megapixel selfie camera with autofocus helps take sharp pictures.
  • Triple camera setup with wide-angle, ultra-wide and telephoto lenses.

Motorola Moto G Stylus 5G

The Motorola Moto G Stylus 5G is a new smartphone that has been designed for people who want to be able to do more than just talk and text and do so at a reasonable price. The phone comes with a passive stylus pen, which means that you can use it for drawing or writing, and is inexpensive to replace at about 20 dollars.

It also features a 48-megapixel camera, which will let you take crisp photos even in low light conditions.

This is a good budget phone and great for those who want a stylus phone but a reasonable price.

Benefits and Features:

  • Passive stylus pen, cheaper to replace, small and light.
  • A 48 Megapixel camera to take sharp pictures.
  • Long battery life.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 with the S-Pen Case

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 is a new phone that can be folded in three different ways. The first mode is tablet mode and is exactly what it sounds like. When you open the phone up, the display is about the side of that of a tablet. This mode it’s perfect for showing off photos and videos to friends or playing games with your family.

The second model, the dual-screen, gives you two screens side by side so you can multitask without having to switch from one app to another.

And finally, in laptop mode – which opens out fully, and the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 becomes an Android-powered laptop with a touchscreen keyboard and trackpad for typing on your lap. These android phones with folding screens are very versatile.

Benefits and Features:

  • The display is bigger than most phones with 12.4-inch FHD+ Dynamic AMOLED Infinity Flex Display
  • You can fold the phone into three different modes: Tablet, Dual Screen and Laptop Mode
  • It has a front and rear camera to take high-quality photos and videos. 12 Megapixels camera and 4k video recording.
  • Long battery life – 12 days standby time and 33 hours talk time.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is an upgrade on the popular Note 8 with a few new features. The Note 9 has a larger display at 6.4 inches, but still has dual cameras for excellent photos and videos. It also comes with double the storage capacity of the previous model, two different color choices, and more battery life than its predecessor.

One of its most notable features is that it can be submerged in up to 5 feet of water without damage or even breaking a sweat! The Galaxy Note 9 has an IP68 rating, meaning that the device is dust proof and water-resistant. This makes it easier to keep your phone protected without worrying about damaging it if you accidentally drop it in a puddle or spill something on it by accident.

This phone is an older model but it can be picked up at a good price and is good for those working on job sites where the phone will see some heavy use.

Benefits and Features:

  • Large 6.4 inch display
  • Good resolution dual cameras
  • Large storage capacity of 512GB – The phone features a storage capacity of up to 1TB, which is expandable up to 512GB via microSD.
  • Water-resistant – IP68 rating
  • The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has a long battery life and features a fast wireless charging option.
  • The phone also has a “Secure Folder” to protect your personal information.

Microsoft Surface Duo 2 with Slim Pen 2

Microsoft has a great alternative in the smartphones with stylus arena, the Surface Duo 2. A robust smartphone with a stylus and a folding screen.

The Microsoft Surface Duo 2 is a powerful tablet that features a detachable keyboard and pen. This versatile smart device can be used as a laptop, phone, drawing pad, or even a touchscreen monitor. The versatility of the Surface Duo 2 is its best feature!

Benefits and Features:

  • The Surface Duo 2 can be purchased with 128GB of storage and 8GB of RAM. But there are models available with different memory and storage specifications.
  • The Microsoft Surface Duo 2 features a detachable keyboard and pen
  • This versatile smart device can be used as a laptop, phone, drawing pad or even a touchscreen monitor
  • The versatility of the Surface Duo is it’s best feature!

LG Stylo 6

The LG Stylo 6 is a budget-friendly alternative to the Samsung Galaxy Note with stylus compatibility. It comes with a 6.8 inch FHD+ edge-to-edge display, 3GB of RAM, and 64GB of storage.

It also has a Mediatek MT6765 Helio P35 processor. This makes it an excellent entry-level processor with good performance. The 4000mAh battery ensures that you can use it for long periods of time without having to worry about running out of power. The device also offers a small compact stylus that is included in the package. All of this makes the LG Stylo 6 one of the best budget-friendly Android devices with stylus support.

  • 6.8 inch FHD+ edge-to-edge display
  • 3GB of RAM and 64GB of storage
  • Mediatek MT6765 Helio P35 processor
  • Long Battery Life – 4000mAh battery

Huawei Mate 40 Pro+ with M-Pen

It is somewhat disappointing though the Huawei Mate 40Pro+ is actually quite promising. The smartphone is 676 inches wide with a 50 MP camera and supports both LTE and GSM and also supports up to 12GB RAM and storage. But Google has a few problems – especially if you want to use the stylo on smartphones – but it lacks the features Google has. Without addressing the politics and economic disputes involving the lack of these services, the Huawei Mate 40 Pro+ is an exceptionally strong smartphone.

Basic Things You Should Check Before Buying a Phone With a Stylus

These three important aspects should be considered when choosing a stylus pen for mobile devices. This should be explained in full. Stylistic Type The stylus category comprises active and passive stylus. Both phones use different methods of working. Passive styluses are just extensions of fingers that do not use any mechanical components. Unlike the Active type, it has a simple electrical switch for quick connections to the devices. Many stylus devices have a pen that can activate the keyboard.

Is a phone with a stylus worth it?

Stylus will certainly be worth it for those using the mobile phone. Businesspeople and travelers especially benefit from having a pen.


It is clear that there are a number of different smartphones on the market that offer stylus compatibility. Whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly option or something more high-end, there is definitely a device out there that will fit your needs.

The best smartphones with stylus are the Samsung Note series. The Galaxy Note series keeps evolving and the Galaxy S22 5G are leading the way.



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