Small Business Technology Trends in 2022

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Technology is ever-changing. Businesses who are able to stay on-trend are able to stay ahead of their competition. Those that don’t may left behind. Business owners and managers must be able to recognize these trends and stay on top of them.

The trends in 2020 will surely be different from current trends. For now, you need to understand what’s trending today. We’ve broken it all down for you. Here’s a rundown of some of the top small business technology trends in 2019.

The Evolution of Cyber Security

It’s a topic so important that it seems like it’s trending every year. As more of your devices move off-premise and to the cloud, cybersecurity becomes even more important. Now more than ever, small businesses are realizing that strict cybersecurity guidelines apply to them just as much as bigger businesses.

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Using Social Media to Engage Your Clientele

When potential customers visit your social media landing pages, there should be a clear way for them to communicate with your business through the platform. Social media platforms help businesses respond to client issues faster than ever and draw awareness to their brand. Once contact is made with the customer, it’s easier to keep them loyal to your company or brand.

Sell Products Through Social Media

Chances are, your clients will be visiting your social media pages more often than they will be visiting your website. You want to give them an opportunity to buy into your business at every opportunity. This includes your social media pages. Social media platforms give businesses the opportunity to target their advertising toward customers who are more likely to respond, furthering their ad dollars.

Remote Workforces

Small businesses today are no longer locked down by region or locality. Businesses can take advantage of technology to hire employees from across the world, expanding their talent pool. Cloud computing technologies such as virtual workspaces, digital conferencing, and cloud hosting make it possible for your employees to effectively work together no matter where they are. No matter the distance, modern technology has made working together easier than ever.

Voice Optimization

Virtual assistants are everywhere. Whether it’s Alexa, Google, or Siri, end-users are taking advantage of voice commands to get tasks accomplished. Handheld mobile devices and gadgets such as smart speakers are making voice assistants readily available to users. The increase in voice-generated searches is changing the technology landscape.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence can be used in many different ways depending on business needs. Using AI for business communications can help you respond to customer requests faster than ever. Overall, artificial intelligence can be used to complete daily manual tasks and streamline business operations to make your life and the lives of your employees easier.

Employee Training with a Learning Management System

Gone are the days where your employees are thrown into difficult situations on day one of employment and forced to learn as they go. Online learning management systems can help you train new employees in a consistent manner as well as set up continual education plans for existing employees. Modern Learning Management Systems are cloud-hosted and accessible from anywhere.


Sure enough, some of what’s trending now will be “old news” next year. It’s important to stay on top of the latest small business technology trends so that you can keep up with your competition and be prepared for the future.

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