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Four small business IT services you need to adopt today.

Whether your business is big or small, the necessity for computers in your business is the same. Sure, some businesses rely on computers more than others, but in some ways, your company is likely to use a computer to run some kind of software.

Because not all businesses are the same and because not all companies need the same type of services, Corporate Shields built services specially tailored for small businesses.

These services are affordable, flexible, and require no contracts. Our small business IT services are managed and supported by our staff in our headquarters in Orlando, Florida, but can be used by small businesses all over the nation.

Let’s Take a Look.

1) Small Business Phone Services

Our small business phone services are offered to companies of all sizes, but we have designed special packages for small businesses. Our VoIP phone services are incredibly reliable and offer you the capability of using your phones anywhere in the world.

We use next-generation VoIP technology to bring you phone service to your business or home office. There is no complicated programming to do or expensive phone lines to purchase.

Can I use this phone system from home? Or send these phones to remote workers?

Absolutely! In fact, our small business phone systems are built so our clients from anywhere in the world can use them.

You can use your home Internet to connect to your business phone network and make phone calls as if you were sitting in your office.

Today, with the COVID-19 pandemic, more businesses are adapting to Voice Over IP phone technology (VoIP). Traditional phone lines are much more affordable than traditional VoIP technology.

voip phone service

Our Small Business Phone Service can be installed at your place of business or any of our US datacenters for added security. This VoIP service is completely managed, so you don’t have to worry about maintaining it. Just use it.

Alternatively, you can also take advantage of our cloud-managed phone systems to avoid buying equipment and enjoy the benefits of our cloud phone platform.

Whether cloud or on-premise, we have a phone system option for you! You can check our VoIP Services page for more details.

2) Managed Backup Services

Managed backup services are perhaps one of the most critical managed IT services every business should have. Yet, we find many small businesses do not have an appropriate back-up solution in place. We recently reviewed Five online backup options, including Corporate ShieldsManaged Backup Solutions for Small Businesses.

Our Managed Backup Solution is the most affordable and flexible backup platform in today’s tech market. You can have your business backed up and protected within a matter of hours. Our managed backup setup is all done remotely and completely free.

Our Shield Managed Backup Plans are priced per device, and the prices are fixed, with no variable cost for storage size. You will know your costs every month. If you do not add new systems to your backup plan, your cost doesn’t change. Simple!

3) Small Business IT Support

Our IT Support Team is well known for being fast, reliable, and courteous. Small businesses need to be able to pick up the phone and get instant help when computers stop working or you have problems with your IT it support

Our Small Business IT Support Services are custom built for you and do not require contracts. Enjoy 24/7 support from the friendliest, most reliable IT support team in Central Florida.

What is IT support?

IT Support is a service that provides your company with a fully staffed IT Helpdesk group and is available to you 24/7. Our helpdesk team can remote into your business computers and fix any issues immediately.

Our IT Support Services are offered remotely, so any business with a computer can join our Shield Support plan and enjoy the benefits of working with an experienced IT Support team.

Visit our small business IT Support Services Page for detailed information about the services mentioned here.

4) Small Business Managed IT Security

Our Managed Security Services help protect your digital business assets and prevent cyber attacks. Small Business Managed Security Plans include Endpoint Protection, Anti-Ransomware, Firewalls, Intrusion Prevention, and many more Next-Generation tools to keep your business safe.

How can my business benefit from managed IT security services?

There are many benefits to adding Managed IT Security Services to your business.

First, all your business computers will be monitored, much like how your home alarm company monitors your home.
Our team of professionals can detect threats before they attack your business network.

Corporate Shields’ security team will also take care of Windows updates, antivirus updates, and firewall management. IT security management tasks must be handled by trained professionals to protect your business effectively.

The Shield Plan is available to businesses in any US state. Much like the alarm monitoring system in your home, our Shield plans include monitoring of your network 24/7, alerts, and monthly reports.



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