Small Business Cyber Security Checklist

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Today, it’s more important than ever to take all the precautions available to keep your network secure. We need to be vigilant about what’s out there waiting to get in. Every business should have a cyber security checklist that they follow to minimize the threat of attack. This checklist should be clear and concise, and it should be shared with all of your decision-makers and IT staff. Here are some ideas to help you keep your business safe.

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Enforce a Strong Password Policy

A password policy should be established for all employees to follow. This should include forcing users to change their passwords after a certain period of time. Using repeat passwords over and over again should be prevented as well. Finally, users must follow password complexity standards so that their password isn’t easily guessed.

Invest in a Next-Generation Backup Solution

Your data should be backed up in the most secure way possible. Data backups should be run every single day, at minimum. You should have at least the past three backups accessible at all times. You should have copies of these backups stored in different locations. Having one of your backups stored in the cloud is a good practice.

Have an Intrusion Response Plan

No matter how many precautions you take, the risk of intrusion will always be there. You need to have a plan on how to respond to intrusions when they happen. This plan should be reviewed often and updated as time passes to verify that it is current with the latest technology. Your IT staff should be trained in this and should know how to respond immediately when threats occur.

Segment Your Network Appropriately

Your business has different networks for different purposes. Each of these networks should be configured in the most secure way possible. Best practice is to permit the least amount of access needed per network. These same considerations should be taken for your wireless networks as well.

Train Your Employees

Employees should be required to go through a proper training program. These programs should be updated over time as technology develops. All new employees should be required to go through security training, and regular employees should be given refresher courses over time. Your IT staff, no matter how proficient, shouldn’t be excluded from this training.

Perform Regular Security Audits

It’s best to take a proactive approach to your network security. Hiring an outside company to perform an audit of your company’s security processes will ensure the integrity of your network as a whole. Security audits should include recommendations for security improvements for your business. Audits should be scheduled regularly to verify continual preparedness.

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Verify that Security Patches are Applied

Software and firmware updates for your equipment should not be ignored. You should keep your systems up to date, and you should have a process and schedule for applying patches. Patches should be prioritized and applied appropriately. Standard users should not be allowed to bypass security updates when they are pushed out.

Have a Properly Configured Network Firewall

All traffic in and out of your network should be inspected. Your firewall should be configured properly, and notifications should be established for when security events take place. Your firewall should be managed by trained technicians who are familiar with your systems and tools.

Use a Secure Email System

One of the most vulnerable points of attack on your network is via email. All incoming and outgoing email should be scanned for viruses and other issues. Your IT staff should be notified when any suspicious emails are detected.

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Verify that your Workstations Pass Inspection Before Providing Outbound Access

Your workstations should be required to pass a number of tests before they are allowed outbound access. At minimum, they should be forced to have up-to-date antivirus software. Additionally, unless running off of a network specified for guests, all PCs on your network should be known and recognized by your network firewall.

Consider Outsourcing Your Security Needs

Following a cyber security checklist can help your company take the first steps toward a more secure network. Take the time to review your processes and make improvements.

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