Small Business Computer Support

Small Business Computer Support Services

Corporate Shields has built IT Tech Support services tailored exclusively for small businesses. Not every business is built the same, and small businesses face unique challenges and have particular needs. For this reason, our small business IT services are a perfect fit for so many small businesses.

Small Business Computer Support Services help companies remain profitable and productive. Businesses need their computer systems to serve their clients and offer their services, a robust computer network contributes to a healthy and successful business.

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Small business IT Services such as Cyber Solutions, VOIP Solutions and Disaster Recovery are some of the products we offer to small businesses at affordable prices.


If you are currently fighting ongoing computer issues or don’t have the right support team supporting your business. Give us a call today, we can help.


Corporate Shields is a next-generation IT Company offering affordable IT Services to small businesses.

We will never lock you in a contract. All our services are offered month to month.

The cost of our services vary depending the type of services being offered to you.

YES, as our name implies, Corporate Shields is a cyber security focused company and our managed services provide tools and services to protect small businesses from cyber threats

If you use any of our cloud services your data is stored in tier 4 secure data-centers across the US. We do not send your data overseas.

NO, we can support your current hardware but sometimes upgrades are necessary.