Server Virtualization & Consolidation

Physical servers have limitations. These limitations include storage space, speed, and environmental variables. Many of these constraints can be overcome with server virtualization. Instead of having a rack full of servers, operating systems can be consolidated and run from a single physical or cloud-based server. Corporate Shields offers server virtualization and consolidation services in the Orlando, Florida area. Contact us today to request a quote.

Key Benefits

The additional costs of hardware used and energy spent are dramatically reduced by server consolidation, bringing swift return on investment. When future servers are needed, they can be built using the available resources on your current virtual infrastructure, so that no additional hardware costs are incurred.

When virtualizing your servers, there’s less to maintain and manage. Additionally, having fewer points of failure in your infrastructure can lead to faster resolutions, eliminating the need for long hours of troubleshooting.

Resources can be allocated where they are needed at the right time. As your business needs and virtual environment changes, resources can be reallocated appropriately. Rather than having a large number of servers only using a fraction of their allocated resources, the full potential of your virtual servers can be utilized.

Why Corporate Shields?

Corporate Shields offers a team of experts to walk you through every step of the process, helping you make the right decisions throughout the entire project. In addition to offering one-time services at affordable rates, we offer managed monthly service plans with no contracts.

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