IT Security Audits

Defending your organization from cyber attacks has never been more difficult. Criminals looking to exploit your company’s networks for access to customer data or to disrupt your operations now have sophisticated technology at their hands, such as ransomware and AI-assisted software that can wreak havoc on your organization.

Corporate Shields IT security audits and assessments can simplify how your organization safeguards itself in the ever-changing security landscape. We can provide a comprehensive security assessment to identify vulnerabilities, offer recommendations for remediation, and assist with implementing technologies to help keep your organization secure.

How It Works

By undergoing an IT security audit, we can help you discover key information related to your current security and future vulnerabilities. More specifically, our detailed assessments will determine:

  • The effectiveness of your security processes
  • Network and application vulnerabilities
  • The need for updated software and hardware
  • Past security breaches and which assets may have been (or currently are) compromised
  • The identity/affiliation of those attacking your organization—and what they may be after
  • Security risks associated with impending mergers or acquisitions
  • Programs and procedures to put in place to enhance your cyber security
  • Compliance with industry-wide protocols (such HIPAA, ADA, PCI, etc.)
  • And more

A Plan Of Action

Once we’ve completed your audit, we will provide an actionable plan to improve your security. We will offer technology recommendations as well as recommendations for dealing with physical threats—such as social engineering efforts.

Key Benefits

By detecting network vulnerabilities before they are exploited, your organization can avoid unnecessary downtime, theft of sensitive information (i.e. customer data, intellectual property) and costly IT emergencies.

Through our extensive evaluation, your organization can boost its security, reduce potential vulnerabilities, learn from past security breaches, and ultimately gain peace of mind.

The cyber security experts at Corporate Shields are certified, well-informed of the latest threats, and know how to implement the best-practices, techniques, and protocols to safeguard your organization.

Hiring full-time IT staff can be very expensive. At Corporate Shields, we offer affordable and flexible monthly plans with no contracts required.

Protect Your Business

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