Nubia Drive Account Security Settings

Here are a few simple steps to help you secure your Nubia Drive Account

Nubia Drive is a Powerful and Secure Cloud File Storage solution with strong encryption technology and granular permissions settings. Nubia Drive offers to every customers security options only found in Enterprise Storage Solutions. Our strong Next Generation security makes Nubia Platform the best cloud storage choice for high performing businesses with unique needs and high security demands. Here is an article describing Nubia Drive in details.

Use Group Policies

  1. Login to Nubia Drive and click on the settings icon ( Gear Icon Top Left) This option will only be available to account administrators.
  2. Click on Group Policy
    Nubia Security
  3. This area allows you to make changes to your Nubia Drive Account Security Settings. Here are some recommended settings to secure and project your Nubia Drive Account:
      1. Set Password Policies – Click on the “PASSWORD POLICY” and configure settings such as minimum password length, password expiration and password complexity policies to meet your business requirements.
      2. Set Retention Policies – Retention policy can be used as an archive method.
      3. SHARING- is recommended to use password protection on all you shares. You can achieve this by enabling “Enforce password Protection”,  if you are not sharing Documents outside your organization you can disable Sharing completely to avoid unwanted files from being shared by team members.
      4. Enable Antivirus – This area requires advanced technical support and is recommended you work with one of our technical support specialist.
      5. Under USER ACCOUNT configure Account lock out threshold settings and web session settings to meet your company requirements.

These are simple yet extremely powerful security settings you available in Nubia Drive to help protect your data. If you have any questions or need help with any of these suggestion please contact our technical team or submit a Online Support Request.

If you company requires more specific security options or you need to meet any kind Security Compliance please contact our team at 407-573-0206.

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