Protect your Files while enjoying Access from Anywhere, Any Device, at any time!
Our NUBIA Drive is a Cloud Storage SharePoint solution that allows you to collaborate and store files securely. NUBIA offers clients a very simple yet secure way of collaborating. Most companies providing cloud storage do not provide simple things like Phone support to their customers. It may take days before you to get responses to solving an issue. Many of our clients have moved all their files to NUBIA Drive. One benefit is that, once you move your business to the cloud, you can access your business from anywhere with internet access.

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Once your files are on our NUBIA Drive, our technology protects your data and you gain features such as snapshots and replications. If you need to restore a file for whatever reason, you will have the ability to do so quickly. Our drive also lets you collaborate with your team to easily share files as well as setup notifications for anything you would like. A good example is setting up notifications when a file is accessed, changed, or deleted. The NUBIA drive will let you know who made any changes and when. An affordable, simple solution that gives you complete control of your files.


Data Leaks and Data Loss
Data leaks and data loss is all over the recent news. Our NUBIA Drive provides security solutions to protect your data from any leaks or loss. Encryption while at rest and while in transit can be implemented to prevent theft. By using the NUBIA Drive, you will have a secure and simple way of sharing files with clients without the concern of data safety. Share a single folder with clients or share a single file, either way, we give you the tools and control you need to collaborate with any client.

Here are some Key Features:

Easy to Manage to maintain centralized control

  • Centralized, policy-based administration
  • Version control and automatic file locking so nothing is lost or overwritten
  • On-Demand synchronization and local caching saves bandwidth and storage

Secure Your Ownership to maintain security & compliance

  • Install Nubia Drive anywhere you choose and use any storage service or your own file servers
  • Auditing and reporting keeps track of the who, what, when and where for all actions and actors
  • Enable or maintain compliance (ex. HIPAA and FINRA)
  • Brandable & Customizable

General Security

  • Active Directory (AD)
    Integrate with Microsoft Active Directory (AD) for single identity sign on and permission check.
  • NTFS Permission
    Inherit NTFS permissions from existing Windows File server and enforce the same security and permission check from remote access.
  • Granular Permission
    When Active Directory and NTFS are not integrated, built-in granular folder permission control is in place for security and permission check.
  • Encryption -SSL & AES-256 bit encryption protects data in transit and at rest 
    Has Data-At-Rest encryption and Data-in-Transit encryption support to prevent eavesdropping and protect data at remote data center.
  • Policy and Control
    Has many policy settings to further satisfy clients’ security and control requirements.

End Point Security

  • End-Point Cache Encryption
    Encrypt file cache in remote end points so when end user’s access is revoked, the cache is rendered useless.
  • Ransomware Protection
    Detect suspicious activity and block ransomware.
  • Anti-Virus scanning
    Integration with anti-virus scanning engine to protect against virus.
  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
    Integration with Google Authenticator, Amazon MFA, DUO for two factor authentication.
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
    Integration with Azure AD, DUO, OKTA and other SAML 2.0 compatible identity provider services for both web browser access and desktop client access.
  • Secure Data Room
    For shared folders, it can have optional secure data room feature to allow view-only but no-download feature.
  • MDM Integration
    We integrate with MobileIron, Maas360 and other MDM platforms for better device security management.

Ease of Use for End Users

  • Mapped Drive to Cloud
    Preserve the same drive mapping mechanism for end users so it is seamless for them without any additional training. It also provide files-on-demand access method.
  • Hybrid Local File Server to Cloud
    Preserve local file server for local access and setup two-way synchronization to cloud. Local speed and remote productivity are combined.
  • Windows Explorer Integration
    Version Control, file sharing and other activities can be directly managed from Windows Explorer context menu.
  • Mac Finder Integration
    Version control, file sharing and other features can be directly managed from Mac Finder context menu.
  • File Locking & Version Control
    Supports automatic file locking and manual check-out/check-in file locking. Files are put under version control to prevent accidental modification and deletion.
  • Outlook Integration
    Users can share files and folders directly from local Outlook application.
  • Mobile Applications
    Users can access storage account from iOS , Android, PC , Mac and web browsers
  • Large File Support
    Users can save/change large files. Under the hood, the software save it in chunks and in blocks with better efficiency across the Internet so to give user a better user experience.

Ease of Use for System Administrators

  • Automatically Sync Active Directory User
    System administrators don’t need to manually create users, while the users can be imported from Active Directory automatically
  • Automatically Sync File Server Shares
    System administrators don’t need to manually copy file and folders from file server, the server agent can automatically synchronize files.
  • Automatically Inherit NTFS Permission
    System administrators don’t need to manually re-create the permission structure while the permission structure (NTFS) can be inherited from existing file server structure
  • Single-Pane-of-Glass Management Style
    From one web based management console, the system administrator can manage objects from different scopes; from clients to client’s users and to client’s servers and user’s devices.
  • Reporting and Notification
    Audit trace report and file change log report make it easy to see what happened in the system and easy to troubleshoot.

Collaboration & Sharing

  • Version Control and Conflict Detection
    Users can collaborate online and offline. Files are put under version control and with conflict detection.
  • File Locking
    Users can lock files automatically just by opening the files or lock files explicitly by manual check out.
  • Activity Notification
    Users can get notified when files are uploaded or downloaded or changed.
  • Office 365 Web Editing Integration
    Users can also collaborate concurrently in web browser through the office 365 web editing integration.
  • Share File & Folders as Web Link
    Users can share files and folders as web links to other users, or simply create guest user accounts for users to receive shared files