Nubia Drive vs Dropbox – Big Tech not necessary better

We are often asked, what are the differences between Nubia Drive and Dropbox. Well, we are glad you asked!

Here it is: Nubia Drive vs Dropbox.

One of the biggest reasons businesses get hacked and in trouble is simply lack of knowledge. Too many businesses blindly trust big tech companies just because they feel a false sense of security offered by the term ” big tech” or company size. This is where the differences between Nubia Drive and companies like Dropbox begin. Tech Giants are constantly targeted by hackers and not always have the power to protect all their users.

  • Nubia Drive Pricing

    Above all, Nubia Drive is not the least or most expensive product in the market, we are simply the best solution for any business size. Furthermore, our Cloud File Storage technology is simply secure, reliable and easy to use. Even more important, our Nubia Drive is priced competitively but also built in a manner that allows us to modify and adapt the platform to YOUR BUSINESS. We want to earn your business and our produced is valued considering its quality, reliability and our support system.

  • Nubia Drive Security

    Most noteworthy, Nubia Drive has more granular permissions settings that any other cloud storage. Why?, simple, we designed our cloud storage solution product to be managed together by our team and our customers. This means that we do not have to cut features or security corners to make our product more “user friendly”. As a result, Nubia Drive is NOT built more the masses, but for high performing businesses with unique needs and serious security requirements. There is a difference between businesses wanting to have an “easy” to use everything and businesses that take themselves and security seriously. Dropbox also has a large attack surface and its network is a large target favored by hackers. A large platform is like a large plane in the skies, easier to see!

  • Nubia Platform Support

    Technical Support is the one feature that sets us apart from the rest. Companies like Dropbox build their products for EVERY kind of user. Yes, this means Grandma too. With such a large user group is impossible for these ” tech giant” companies to have a support department that can answer your every question fast. Imagine 500 million users calling Dropbox asking “How to” questions! Due to this fact, companies like Dropbox rely on ONLINE Only support, chats and email support with wait times as long as 3 days. So if you and your business like fast support response times may be Dropbox is not for you.

    Our product offers free “LIVE” Support Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm Eastern Standard Time and 24 or less repose on all support requests. What does this mean? This means if you have a question or need one of our techs to call you and show you how to do something in the system we can do just that. Certainly, all our customers enjoy “Live” support during our business hours provided by real humans and local to Florida USA!

  • Nubia Drive Features

    Nubia Cloud Drive is built to support small, medium and large companies. Our Cloud Platform offers features like Active Directory integration, NTFS Permissions and Next Generation folder migration tools. As a result, Nubia Drive can easily integrate with any business fast and securely. A great feature of our product is our data encryption process. Nubia Drive creates a unique encryption key upon registering and building your account. That key and that key only can decrypt your data. This means that no human can see your data, our staff, hackers, non users etc, only you with your key can decrypt this data.

    Here are some other great features:

    • Granular Permissions for Shares
    • Strong Encryption
    • Policy and Control Features
    • Auditing Reports
    • Endpoint Cache Encryption
    • Ransomware Protection
    • Two Factor Authentication
    • Easy to Use
    • Access Files just like you access local files
    • Access Files from Any Device Anywhere
    • Versioning and File change logging
    • Enable or maintain compliance (ex. HIPAA and FINRA)
    • US Data-centers
    • Outlook Integration
    • Mobile Applications
    • Large File Support ( Dropbox and others have limits )
    • Office 365 Web Editing Integration
    • Share Files and Folders as link

Nubia Drive

  • Phone Support During Business Hours
  • Online Chat
  • Priority Email Support
  • US Staff located in Orlando Florida
  • Personalized Support
  • All Security Features with no file upload limits
  • Virus Protection
  • Free User Training


  • Some Plans
  • Not all Plans
  • Some Plans
  • NO
  • NO- Big Tech Only sees numbers
  • All Security Features with file upload limits
  • Paid

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