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Many companies have turned to Mobile Device Management (MDM) software and strategies to monitor, manage, and secure mobile devices from vulnerabilities. With the rising cost of security issues and data breaches, effective Mobile Device Management has become mandatory for small businesses and large enterprises alike.

Corporate Shields understands that most businesses simply don’t have the resources or know-how to effectively implement MDM solutions. We can help you identify, source and implement the right solutions to monitor and secure mobile devices in your network. Learn more below, and contact us today to get started.

Mobile Devices In The Workplace

It’s no surprise that the way these personal devices are being used in the modern workplace has caused dramatic shifts in IT management. Mobile devices have brought many benefits and flexibilities that increase workplace efficiency and reduce overhead. But they’ve also increased the likelihood of security breaches, connectivity issues, privacy concerns, and more. This is why effective mobile device management is crucial.

How It Works

There are tools available to help you create and enforce mobile device policies to protect your systems and data.

Relying on a combination of MDM software and oversight from IT service providers, network administrators typically configure mobile device policies through an MDM server’s management console. These policies are then pushed through the wireless communication system to an MDM agent on connected mobile devices by communicating with built-in APIs (application programming interfaces). And, in a similar fashion, applications can be deployed to manage mobile devices through the server.

Key Benefits

By using Corporate Shields to manage your organization’s MDM strategy, you can take advantage of such features and procedures as:

  • Device inventory/tracking
  • Mobile application inventory/tracking
  • Data encryption enforcement
  • Mobile application whitelisting/blacklisting
  • Remote wipe
  • Mobile content management
  • Password enforcement
  • Geofencing
  • Backup/restore functionality of company data
  • Logging/reporting for industry-based compliance
  • OS configuration management
  • Remote view and control for troubleshooting
  • Mobile content management
  • And more

However, implementing MDM solutions is more than configuring devices via software. Corporate Shields offers comprehensive remote and in-person IT services to implement a collection of tools, technologies, best-practices, and processes to help optimize every feature of your network.

Let’s Get Started

Mobile Device Management is essential to your organization’s continued success and security. By working with Corporate Shields as your managed IT service provider, your business can gain the benefits that help control, protect, and configure mobile devices on your network—bringing new efficiencies and peace of mind. Contact us today!

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