IT Solutions


Our clients enjoy the best IT Solutions and technology available, including Cloud Computing and Cloud Storage. The world presents us with many challenges and businesses need to be able to adapt to survive. Cloud technology is one of the best IT Solutions businesses can embrace to stay above your competition and make sure your business can dominate all the time. Corporate Shields Managed IT Services are built for businesses like yours.

Have access to your business from anywhere in the world, all the time.

Unbeatable up-times and performance powered by state-of-the-art hardware.

Business IT Solutions.

Our Business IT Solutions are transforming businesses into next-generation cyber secured companies. Our mission is to take care of all your Information Technology systems so you can focus on your business while we support and protect your business data.

More than ever, your business needs to consider Disaster Recovery IT Solutions. Businesses need to take strong steps towards a sound backup and recovery solution to guarantee continuity in case of a cyber attack, natural disaster, or user errors. Having a good backup solution is paramount to protecting your business.


Cyber Security Solutions are your business Shield and Armor. Your business must implement proper IT Security to prevent data breaches, protect your network assets, and prevent cyber attacks. Never in history have cyber attacks been so frequent and aggressive. Your Cyber Security Solutions need to be aggressive too. Our Cyber Security Experts can help you protect your business and monitor your network 24/7.

Corporate Shields has been protecting businesses for over 10 years using Next-Generation IT Security Solutions.

Our Data Recovery Services can not only protect your business but also help you recover from a natural disaster or data breach.


IT systems need contact maintenance and monitoring to perform at peak levels. Corporate Shields offers IT Solutions with On-Going Support for your IT Systems and your Business Staff.

24/7 systems, network and computer monitoring

System updates, security updates and Microsoft Patches

Security Audits and Network Compliance Reports

No Contracts