IT Relocation Project Tips For A Successful Move

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Moving is so stressful. We understand this! For the smoothest, easiest move possible, lots of planning needs to take place well ahead of time. Timing, manpower, and financials need to be figured out before the move begins. It’s good practice to have a set of rules to abide by going into your IT relocation. Here is a list of IT relocation projects tips to help you pull off a successful move.

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Use This Time to Upgrade Obsolete Technology

There’s a good chance that some of your computer and networking equipment is outdated. Your relocation is a great opportunity to remove or replace that technology. Rather than spending the time and resources to move outdated systems, you can assess your needs and simply install the new systems at the new site.

Be Prepared for the Unexpected

Surprises are going to happen. They always do. Have backup plans for all situations. Be ready to change and adjust as issues arise and roadblocks are hit.

Don’t Do it Alone

It’s always easy to try to lean on your current staff to handle your move. Rather than putting your team though added stress and pressure, raising the chances of mistakes, consider outsourcing this work. There are IT relocation experts, like Corporate Shields, available to assist you.

Verify That Your Backups are Complete

As always, you need to know that your backups are complete and verified prior to your move. Moving equipment always brings an increased risk of hardware failure. You need to be prepared to recover from backup after your move if needed. Everything should be completely backed up before moving equipment.

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Include Target Dates in Your Plan

Before your move begins, you should have a schedule in place for your move. Each phase of your IT relocation efforts should be scheduled individually. You should be prepared to adjust the schedule if things are moving faster or slower than scheduled.

Budget Expected Costs

Moving is expensive. If you aren’t looking closely, a lot of these costs can hide from plain sight. Before your move begins, draw up a detailed budget of expected expenses. Additional unexpected costs should have a place in your budget as well. As with everything else in this process, expect the unexpected.

Make Sure that Your VoIP technology is Ready

Your phones will likely be the last systems disconnected from your old location and the first set up post-relocation. If possible, have phones set up at both locations prior to moving the rest of your equipment. If your phone system needs to incur any downtime, prepare a recorded message so that callers are notified. If you are using a good cloud-hosted VoIP system, you should still have phone access during the transition.

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Test and Retest Everything after Deployment

After your equipment has been relocated, be sure that your equipment is tested more than once before it is put back into production. Stress-test your system as much as possible before business begins again. It’s a good idea to have IT support staff available to respond to issues once the office is open for business in the new location as well.

Keep your Staff Informed

All of your employees should have an understanding of what to expect with the moving process. Keeping your employees in the know will give them the opportunity to prepare their own workstations for moving. This can make the IT relocation process a lot simpler for everyone involved.

Hire A Professional Team

Your IT relocation will be much easier if you are prepared. By following these tips, you’ll be taking strong strides toward accomplishing your goal. Go into your move with a detailed plan of attack, and be sure to include timing and finances in your planning. Make sure your data is backed up and your equipment is ready to go following your move. Finally, be sure to verify that you have the proper manpower for relocation.

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