IT Disaster Recovery

Disasters can occur at any time. Power outages, weather events, and cyberattacks are events that you need to have a plan for. Disasters cause system downtime, which in turn costs your company money. You need to have a recovery plan in place before a disaster occurs—if you wait, it could be too late. Corporate Shields offers IT disaster recovery services in Orlando, FL that can help your business get back on its feet while saving you time and money.

What’s Your Plan?

A disaster recovery plan is a set of procedures that will act as a roadmap in the event of a catastrophic event. The end goal of this plan should be to get your operations back online and functional quickly, while avoiding as many sacrifices as possible. This plan should be tested in multiple scenarios to verify sustainability and effectiveness.

Whether you’re dealing with a disaster now or need help creating a plan so you can be prepared, you can rely on our experts. We can help you create a comprehensive disaster recovery plan with the goal of limiting impacts on business continuity.

Backup Protection

Data backup is of top priority when it comes to preparing for disaster scenarios. Having a cloud and/or off-site backup in place can give you peace of mind that you can recover your files quickly. Backups should be performed regularly so that you can ensure you have the latest data for your company. And recovery should be tested so that you know you have a backup you can rely on.

Off-Site Redundancy

Fully-functional, production-level environments should be available in off-site or cloud locations. In the event of a catastrophic event, transitioning over to this system should be able to be completed quickly. Your off-site system should be securely available from separate, temporary locations in the case that your business location becomes inaccessible.

Why Corporate Shields?

Florida is no stranger to disaster recovery situations. The IT Disaster Recovery team at Corporate Shields is very familiar with the processes necessary to prepare businesses for disasters like hurricanes, outages, and cyber-attacks. Our knowledgeable staff is also prepared to assist you in the event that the plan needs to go into action.

Let’s Make A Plan

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