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Corporate Shields works with businesses that understand the importance of having an experienced IT Company by their side. Most of our customers are regulated and need to comply with strict regulatory guides set by healthcare, financial, law, and other industries.

If you are a small business in Orlando looking for the right IT Services company, we can help. We are leading the IT industry by eliminating contracts and offering our Shield Plan; an all-inclusive IT Subscription which includes Cyber Security, Mainatnce, and Unlimited Support.

  • You are great business and brand but your IT and Technology is behind your business goals.

  • You take compliance seriously and your business needs to meet and keep up with compliance requirements.

  • You have outgrown your current IT provider and are looking for more than just an “IT Guy”.

  • You want to focus on growing your business and not worry about your business technology.

  • You know being proactive is more cost effective than being reactive.

  • You care about your business and want to invest in protecting your business.

  • You are aware of Cyber Threats and want your business to be “hack proof”

  • You understand that computer problems impact your business profits.

  • You are looking for a reliable well established IT Company, not a “one man” shop.

  • You understand the value of partnering with a good IT Company.


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