We love Winter Garden, Florida, which is why we chose this city to open our IT Services and Technology Services Company in Winter Garden. Winter Garden has grown into one of the most beautiful communities in Central Florida, and the housing market is one of many indicators showing how fast this city is growing with no indication of slowing down soon.

With the housing market booming and more families moving into the area is natural and inspiring that businesses are opening their doors to this great community. Corporate Shields is an IT Services and Technology Consulting Company located in Winter Garden, Florida, and we have been working with many businesses in the area and helping many business owners get settled in their new companies. We want to share some tips that will help you get your new business started in Winter Garden or Horizon West Winter Garden as is well known by the community.

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Here are a few things you need to consider when opening a business in Winter Graden ( Horizon West FL):

Winter Graden is a large city, and the housing market is mainly happening around Winter Garden’s newest area called Horizon West. Although the downtown Winter Garden area is beautiful, a lot of the new homes and businesses being built are developing around Horizon West Winter Graden. Meaning the majority of people will be located around Horizon West and not in the downtown Winter Garden area. Look for “Hamlin Winter Garden”, this is the town center for Horizon West and will feature great retail space and restaurants.

“Type of Business”
Horizon West Winter Garden is a trendy town, and in popular cities, niche businesses thrive. We have worked with many GYMs, SPAs, and restaurants in the areas and have noticed a trend. Families love “one-off” restaurants in this area and places to spend time with their kids!
Medical practices, Dentist offices, and Pediatric offices are also becoming very popular in this area and are thriving. Fitness and health are the themes of this community, and businesses are bringing the goods.

“A Few Things to Know”
Winter Garden is part of Orange County, Florida. So you will need to work with Orange county on all your business dealings such as licensing and permits. Also, taxes are on the rise, so make sure you calculate and do your math well when opening a business in Winter Garden.
This town is mainly comprised of families, so whatever business you intend on opening will be best welcomed if it is family-friendly.

Winter Garden Local Government Offices Directory

This link will provide take to Winter Garden’s city departmentts website.

Families are continually looking around for things to do with their kids in this area, and if your business serves a purpose to families, you will strike gold in Winter Garden. All the permits and zoning offices are located in downtown Orlando.

Winter Garden is a very diverse area and a cultural melting pot. Your business must fit well with different cultures and people. You will meet people from all parts of the world with different backgrounds. This diversity is what makes Winter Garden a particular place and a unique community in Central Florida.

“Technology for Your Business”
Please don’t go to the local gadget store and purchase your office equipment there. Although, there are many gadget stores in the Winter Garden area; by going te DYI method, you will likely put your business at risk. Talk to an experienced company such as Corporate Shields for all your technology needs. People love businesses with free WIFI and we can help you bring this nice feature to your customers.

“Protect Your Business”
After making the most significant investment of your life and spending countless hours planning, building, and making your business a reality, it makes no sense to skip on business protection. The same way you spend time and attention on protecting your business doors should be applied to your digital business life. Protecting your business’s most crucial asset, your customer data should be high in your priority list. Don’t buy off the shelf antivirus, routers, and wireless access points, give your business the protection it delivers and look at business class equipment such as Sophos firewalls or Sophos Endpoint to protect your computers. You can also look at cybersecurity companies such as Symantec or TrendMicro. Our company can suggest and even include this level of enterprise-level protection at small business prices, but please, don’t by off the shelf solutions, you will pay for it later.

“Partner with the Right Technology Company”
Corporate Shields has been in business for over ten years and have been working and helping companies grow by providing cost-effective technology, IT Services, and IT Support to this beautiful Winter Garden community. We have worked with many local businesses and have also helped businesses relocate to the Winter Garden area. We can help you navigate the sophisticated technology world so you can focus on building your business. Our flat pricing method and our no contracts model make us unique in this industry and a great fit for most businesses.

Corporate Shields is a top-rated IT Consulting Firm in Winter Garden Florida. We would love to work with you and help you grow your business in this beautiful city. Our local team of friendly technicians has been proving IT Support and IT Services to Winter Garden businesses for over 10 years.

Call us today at 407-573-0206 and feel free to ask for Hector or Patricia, they will be happy to talk to you and answer any technical questions you might have. We love meeting new people and hope to meet you soon!

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