Setup NUBIA Drive Instructions:


1. Open a browser and go to You will see a similar window to the one shown below. Once here, sign in with the User Name and Password provided to you.

Login Screen


2. Once signed in, you will see a similar window to the one shown below. Please click NUBIA Management Icon icon and then NUBIA Support Platforms image as shown below.

NUBIA Setup Image 4

3. You will now see a similar window to the one shown below come up. Please click on the link shown below that corresponds with your correct operating system, download the file, and run the file.

NUBIA Setup Image 5


4. When the client setup is running, you will see the Window shown below. Click Next.

NUBIA Setup Image 6


5. Read the “License Agreement” shown below, click I Agree to agree to the agreement, and then click Next.

NUBIA Setup Image 7


6. Click Next to install the client.

NUBIA Setup Image 8


7. This next window shown below shows the progress of the installation.

NUBIA Setup Image 9

8. Once the installation has successfully installed, click Close.

NUBIA Setup Image 10

9. Once the client is installed, the following window will show up. Please log in with your Username and Password.

NUBIA Drive Agent Login

10. You are now connected to your Nubia Drive. You can access the drive through My Computer or through the Start Menu as shown below. If trying to access your files from somewhere that does not have the agent, just go to and log in.

NUBIA Setup Image 12

NUBIA Setup Image 12


If you have any questions please contact our support department at or contact our office at 407-573-0206.