How to secure your business Files

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How can you protect and secure your business files?

It is actually not that hard once you know what to look for and what to do. For years, business owners have taken measures to protect their businesses from criminals. Everything from security cameras to alarm systems, but your actual business, the digital part of your business, has taken a back seat. Criminals do not need to beak into your business to rob you; they simply have to gain access to your files while you sleep, sell them on the dark web, and wait for the money to come in.

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how to protec files

You can protect your business and files very easily. Here are the top five ways to protect your business today!

  1. Encrypt, Encrypt, and then Encrypt some more—properly encrypted data will not be visible to criminals. Even if a cybercriminal gains access to your data, encrypted files cannot be accessed unless all the keys are present.
  2. Firewalls: Yes, BestBuy has some killer deals on those Netgear routers, but those devices are not business-ready. Well, these days, you are not even home ready. You need a firewall with a brain that can adapt to new cyber threats and changes quickly. Enter the world of Next-Gen Technology! A.I. and computer learning.
  3. Endpoint Protection (AKA The Antivirus): Endpoint Protection software is more than just an antivirus. Simply said, endpoints can protect every aspect of your computer and are smart enough to detect weird behaviors. Someone is trying to rename your files with a ghostly hand.
  4. File Storage-Server and Backups-Ah, the biggest pain for many businesses. Where the money is, the IT guy friend, Regardless of how you see file storage, you need to know how to protect it. First, if you store your files in your office, make sure you have a backup! **Head to Desk**. If you lose files due to weather, hackers, Russia, or simple user error (yes, I said it:)), without backups, there is no way to get those files back. There is no magic. Backups restore files simply.
    Encrypt your backups and files on your storage devices (servers, disks, tape, everything!) Many attackers target files resting or sitting in a dusty server somewhere. You can also use cloud technology to use more secure locations and encryption technology to store files in your business files.
  5.  User Training: This should be number 1 on our list, but without the protection mentioned above, your business is simply a big red target raising its hand screaming, “Pick me to pick me!” We all see TV shows where the hacker types a bunch of complicated code and boom, “I’m IN.” Classic! But that’s not real life! Instead, hackers will simply send emails to your entire office offering a free trip to the Bahamas by filling out a simple form with your entire life history, pet’s name, credit card number, and everything you own. Believe it or not, it happens more than you think.

You can fight these threats by talking to a good IT Consultant and hiring a true professional. Work with an IT company and have them manage your security and security updates and keep an eye on your office network.

Get your shields up! Protect your business.

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