How to Get More Google Reviews For Your Medical Office

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How to Get More Google Reviews For Your Medical Office and Dental Offices

How to get more Google reviews for your medical office or Dentist office is a commonly asked question. Consumers today start the shopping experience online. This statement is true for just about any service, product, and includes health care services. Consumers are using the Internet to search just about any topic on the planet, and that includes looking for good doctors and healthcare providers in the Orlando area. Your practice might get many referred patients, but if you are trying to grow your medical practice and expand your patient’s numbers, you need to have an “online” presence, and prospects need to be able to find you. However, being seen is not enough; having online testimonials from real people on various web platforms is the most trusted tool for consumers to decide on where to take their business.

I can tell you that when looking for a business in Orlando, the first thing I do is check them out online and read the people’s reviews. The company can have the most beautiful office or the most excellent website, but if the reviews are bad, likely their service is also. People review the core of any business; without customers, you don’t have a business. Businesses in the healthcare industry are directly dealing with people. You sell CARE! So a bad review will impact your foot traffic. Just one candid lousy review can change your bottom line. But a multitude of five start reviews not only will rank you higher in Google pages but will earn the trust of future new patients.

So how can you improve your medical practice online reviews? Well here are five simple ways to get better reviews:

1) Staff Training on Customer Services

Your office staff is your first impression. These are the team members representing your office and your brand. When a patient walks into your office, your staff is the first person to greet and interact with your patients. You need to set a standard for your team and cultivate a caring culture in your office. Your staff needs to understand your core mission as a medical practice and why you opened your office doors every day to help people. Your patines need to feel welcome, comfortable, and safe in your office. Patients visit your medical office because they need some help, make sure your staff can capture the concerns of your patients well and know how to comfort people. If you train your team to be friendly, companionate, supportive, and caring, your patients will love you!

2) Reduce Wait Times

One of the biggest challenges for healthcare offices is wait times. Patients visit your office because they have a health issue and want this issue resolved as soon as possible. I have been to a doctor’s office feeling horrible and having to wait for hours to get my temperature checked, then wait another hour to see the physician, makes me feel even worse. Long wait times are the most common topic of medical practice ‘terrorist’ reviews. About 80 percent of bad reviews for medical practices are related to long wait times, while the rest are due to practice staff issues. We at Corporate Shields understand reducing wait times can be quite a challenge and not easily manageable as there are many factors outside your control. But you can manage a few elements and start seeing results. Your staff needs to focus on patient care and nothing else. The practice manager has to make sure that the team is focused on registering patients and doing everything possible to get patients into their rooms. Your team needs to be well trained in your office technology! We work with many medical practices in Orlando and see too often how to practice with employees who struggle to work through EMR software issues or find the tools they need to perform advanced operations. Too often, we see staff members calling and waiting on the phone to get support while the patient is standing “sick” at the front desk waiting for help. Our company, Corporate Shields, answers all support calls live, and the average wait time for support is less than one minute. The same applies to your office and practitioners. Technology has to work and be available. Unplanned downtimes, system issues, or lack of training will reduce your office productivity and, ultimately, will equal the long wait time. Our company, Corporate Shields, has a dedicated user training program that helps practices understand their technology better, optimize, and increase efficiency with the ultimate goal of improving patient care.

3) Improve User Experience

Everything from the temperature of your office to amenities in your waiting area will impact your patient experience. I have been to many offices where the lady is as flat as a bowling alley, nothing on the walls, no TV and absolutely nothing to or look at around the office. At a long wait time to this description and you have the definition of the most boring place on earth. I have also been an office where the air temperature is comfortable, nice TVs are always on and if your cellphone reception is horrible, no worries, unlimited free wifi available. Speaking of WIFI, most of the most excellent reviews I have seen mention free wifi or some amenities such as bottled water or snacks being available. So if you are wondering how to get more google reviews for your medical office, offer free wireless to your patients. Installing an excellent wireless service at your medical practice is not hard or expensive; in fact, this can be accomplished very quickly. However, make sure you work with a good IT company such as Corporate Shields to make sure you offer these services securely and safely. You do not want to have children connected to your free wifi accessing adult websites, and you can not share your private office network with free public wifi.

4) Offer a Reward Program and Give Free Education Content to your Patients

As a consumer, we love free content. We consume millions and millions of pages of free content each day and attracted by good quality content. Offering your patients some fort of free “Health Guide” as thank you for their visits will go a long way in establishing a good relationship with your customers. One of the most helpful things I ever received at a medical office was a quick sheet on healthy foods for people who are always on the go. I loved that the content on that sheet and still have used it today.

5) Ask for Review While the Experience is “Fresh”

This item is essential! After a patient has a fantastic experience at your medical practice, it is crucial to capture that enthusiasm while it is new. As your customer to leave you a 5-star review as soon a possible. Many patients will go home, load up on their meds, and forget what a fantastic experience they had at your medical practice. The more reviews your business has, the more people and traffic you will see through your doors. So it is imperative to keep an eye on your reviews more than ever.


Earning the trust of your customers is not easy and is only done through excellent customer service and by having a genuinely good product. Whether your product is cookies or caring for someone’s health, the end product has to be great. Corporate Shields is a Technology company offering Managed IT Services and Support to Medical Practices and Dentist offices. We know you have your hands full helping your patients, we can help you with the technology part. Call our office today for a free consultation and ask how we can help improve your office technology so you can better help your patients.

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