How to Back Up your Files – Windows 10

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How to Back up your Files using Windows 10

If you have found this post, you are certainly looking for the right thing. I will very quickly show you how to back up files using the built-in tools in Windows 10. Before I get into that topic, when was the last time you backed up your files? Do you have a Business Backup Plan in place for your business? I hope your answer is yes! Because any other answer is a quick ticket to “trouble town”. Before I show you how to back up your files, make sure you have a USB drive with you. You will need it!

Keep in mind that there is no magic pill, formula, or IT Guru that can help you if you lose files. You can not magically restore your files from thin air. You need a backup solution and a good backup plan. Businesses need to account for natural disasters, malware, cyber-attacks and other potential issues that can destroy your data in seconds. Make sure you are working with an experience IT company or simply give us a call with any questions.

Now that I have hopefully made clear the importance of a good back-up solution for your business, let’s move on to the topic at hand. In short, this is what you need to do to back up your files: Select the Start​Then, select Settings > Update & Security > Backup > Add a drive. But I will break these steps down!

Here is How to back up your Windows 10 Computer Files:

  1. Windows 10 has a great built-in tool to not only back up your files but also take hourly snapshots of them. This is very helpful when that spreadsheet you have been working on all morning decides to magically damage itself (MMmmmm Sure!). So here is what you need. First, make sure you have a USB hard drive big enough to store all your files. Connect the USB drive to your computer and click on the Settings Menu button. Now that you have your window settings open, click on the “Update and Security” tab. Don’t worry, I have highlighted the last line.
  2. Backup WIndows 10
  3. The USB is profiled! Your canUSB drive is all set! your driver’s profile! You can click remember/exclusions setdrive, USB drive, all set! your driver’s profile! You can click.”
  4. Now Click on the “Back up” tap and add the USB drive you plugged in. You are all set! Every hour after you add your USB drive, Windows will automatically back up all the files in your profile! As long as your storage drive is connected, Windows will create a snapshot of all your files every hour. You can click “more options” and adjust settings such as snapshot frequency and folder inclusion and exclusion.

If you have any questions, give us acall! Sendd usan email  a You can also chat with us at any time using thewindows beloww. healthybackpsequalahealthybusinesss.



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