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Corporate Shields offers small business email hosting services to companies in the Orlando, FL area. Learn more below, and contact us to request a free quote today.

What Is Email Management?

On-premise email servers have been causing headaches among IT administrators for a long time. They are limited by both space and availability. Today’s email is loaded with attachments, including photos and video files. The storage space needed adds up quickly. On top of all that, it’s no longer acceptable to only be able to check emails during normal business hours. Your email needs to be available all day, every day.

With cloud-based email hosting, business email can be accessed from any device, using a multitude of applications. Storage limitations are a thing of the past, and all of your email is stored securely.

Key Benefits

You don’t need to open up your company laptop to be able to check your email anymore. Your email can be accessed from any internet-enabled device. Access can be configured within the mobile application of your choice.

Your email is always accessible, no matter the situation. Your email can be reached via web browser from any device, at any time.

Physical email servers run out of storage space. Email hosting services offer users expandable storage that is charged by the amount of storage required. You never run out of space, and you aren’t billed for storage that you don’t need.

New threats are out there every day. Our business email solution offers superior spam and virus protection, with extensive definitions that are kept up to date.

Physical, on-premise servers have inherent security risks. A hosted solution offers companies state of the art cyber security that an on-site setup can’t touch.

Physical servers are only available when they are fully functional. Hosted solutions aren’t affected by events like natural disasters, power outages, or server downtime.

Why Corporate Shields?

You don’t want just any email management solution. Corporate Shields offers email hosting services that are a step above the rest. High availability as well as antivirus and security services brings significant advantages to your business. Our support team is also available 24/7 to assist you when issues arise.

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