Your most valuable digital asset is your data. Today, it’s more important than ever to keep it safe. You need a solution that stores digital copies of your data for recovery when needed. You also need those copies to be stored securely, and readily available when needed. To help you preserve your data, Corporate Shields offers comprehensive data backup services in Orlando, FL.

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Why Backup Your Data?

Every small business has to be prepared for data loss. Whether the concern is one PC crashing or a catastrophic event, you need a copy of your data that you can call back on when disaster strikes. You must have multiple copies of your information stored outside of your main system, and these copies have to be created daily, if not more often.

Security by Location

The number of data copies that you have stored on site at your business doesn’t matter. You need to be prepared for catastrophic failure, especially in Florida, where damage caused by hurricanes is a real threat.

You must transfer your data off-site to verify that it is truly secure. Your data backup solution should have the capability of automatically transferring your files to a cloud-based or physical data-center away from your business—so that you are prepared to get back online swiftly following a total-loss situation.

Security by Encryption

You spend a lot of time and money guarding your network with firewalls and anti-virus protection. Your backup solution should secure your data in a similar manner as well. Your backup should be protected by the same firewall levels that you have at your business, and the data should be encrypted so that it is unusable if it falls into the wrong hands.

Why Corporate Shields?

Corporate Shields offers a cloud-based data backup service, so that your data is always available to you for restoration, when you need it. Having your data in the cloud helps ensure maximum uptime as well as reduced costs due to the lack of overhead that goes into physical infrastructure.


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