Cloud Storage

Corporate Shields offers cloud storage for small businesses in the Orlando, FL area. Contact us today to discuss moving your data to the cloud. We’re ready to talk when you are!

What is Cloud Storage?

On-premise hosted storage solutions are limited by storage space and server availability. These issues can be easily resolved by taking advantage of what cloud storage has to offer. Businesses of all sizes are moving their storage offsite to reap the many benefits of the cloud.

With cloud storage, your data is stored in a scalable infrastructure that is always available. While your data is no longer on site, an efficient service provider enhances your storage systems with the added benefits that cloud storage delivers. Your data is kept safe and secure, and it is ready for you when and wherever you need it!

Key Benefits

On-premise storage solutions often have different management interfaces. Cloud storage streamlines management by allowing you to combine all of your storage solutions into one central option.

If your data is stored on-premise, you need access to your local network to reach it. Cloud-hosted data, however, is available when and wherever you need it.

On-site solutions lead to increased hardware and energy costs. Cloud storage requires no additional hardware, eliminating both of these cost factors.

Only pay for the resources that are required for your business. With cloud storage, resources can be scaled to exactly what you need.

Rest easy knowing that your data is safe and secure. We uphold strict network security standards and can back up your data in case of an emergency.

You can rest easy knowing that our cloud storage solution is HIPAA compliant.

Why Corporate Shields?

The security and reliability of your data are paramount to success. You need to be sure that your data is in the hands of a company that you can rely on. You can trust the experts at Corporate Shields with cloud storage for your small business. We have the experience that you’re looking for, and we offer continuous, high-quality support as long as you are our customer.

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