Cloud IT Services

Has your business been considering a move to the cloud? If so, Corporate Shields is a qualified Cloud IT Service provider for small businesses and enterprises alike. Explore the many benefits that the cloud can bring to your business, and contact us to today to get started

Application Hosting Benefits

We provide application hosting services that can allow your organization to access and secure applications in a cloud environment. This allows your team to access the software they need from anywhere around the world, providing the same functionality as locally-hosted software that can be updated more easily.

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Platform Hosting for Developers and Entrepreneurs
Infrastructure as a Service provides cost-effective network infrastructure for developers and entrepreneurs in the cloud. You can essentially lease a hosted platform to save costs as you develop your software. This allows you to deliver your products and services with professional performance, industry-standard security measures, secured backup, and the reliability of the cloud—without the pains of locally-hosted solutions and expensive hardware.

Let us worry about all the infrastructure while you focus on development. We can customize a solution tailored to your needs. Free demos and trial periods are available!

With the growing number of web-enabled devices in today’s business environment (e.g. smartphones, tablets, laptops), storing and managing your data has never been more important. We offer cloud storage through NUBIA Drive, a Cloud Storage SharePoint solution that allows you to collaborate, store files securely, and access your data from anywhere, on any device, and at any time. Learn more.

Create your own cloud computer or network for maximum versatility. Virtual workspaces enable all of your files to be easily stored and retrieved in the cloud, providing access on-the-go, anywhere Internet access is available. Popular virtual workspaces include Virtual Desktops, Virtual Private Servers (VPS), and Virtual Networks, each of which can be specifically tailored to your organization’s unique needs. You can run your business happily in the cloud or just applications and data. Build your cloud!

Key Benefits

Many businesses are discovering the power of hybrid on-premise and cloud systems. Here are just a few reasons to consider cloud services for your business.

Moving to a cloud-based IT solution saves on the costs of overhead and maintenance throughout your business network, including system upgrades, expensive expert staff, energy consumption, and delays from downtime.

Experience worry-free upgrades to your cloud network to ensure that your devices, applications, software, servers, and other elements are operating with the latest technology.

Switching to cloud-based IT services allows your business to scale your operation to respond to changing business paradigms. This scalability lends a greater flexibility to your business model, making data accessible on-demand as needs change.

Cloud computing enables your business to communicate and share data more efficiently. This becomes especially useful if you are collaborating with teams across multiple locations.

Cloud-based IT ensures that your business is able to operate with maximum uptime with protected data and backups. In the event of a power failure, natural disaster, or other threat, your business can conduct business as usual in an uninterrupted fashion.

Most cloud service providers do not provide phone support or are very slow to respond. That’s not the case with us. We are here to ensure your business has the help you need with responsive phone support.