Small Business Network Setup Checklist – Simplified Guide

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The IT Setup Checklist - Small Business Network Setup Checklist Setting up a small business network is the first step every business takes to build a computing platform for business operations. Your business cannot operate without Information Technology Systems, and today more than ever, companies need to adapt and build reliable computer networks to support

5 Best Cloud Backup Solutions for Small Business

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Best Cloud Backup Solutions for Small Businesses Some STATS FIRST! About cloud backup for business Let's talk about important statistics which many small businesses owner are unaware of. Studies show that 60% of companies that experience a significant data loss will shut down their doors within 6 months. If this is not concerning enough,

What IT challenges do small businesses face?

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This post goes over common IT challenges small businesses face and we will go over these common challenges. You will gain knowledge of common technology challenges that can affect your business and some worthy advice to raise above these IT challenges. The biggest IT challenge small businesses face is not having access to a

How much does IT Support Cost for a Small Business?

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How much does IT Support Cost for a Small Business? What is the going rate for IT services? The cost of IT services can vary from state to state, and every IT company has its own set of guidelines to pricing their services. However, you should budget around $150 dollars per user per month

IT Areas You Can Outsource to a Managed Services Provider

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What IT Services You Should You Outsource to Reduce Costs and Increase Security ( and Should) For most small businesses, it makes good financial and security sense to outsource certain IT Services to experienced IT Companies such as Corporate Shields. IT functions such as Backups, Microsoft Security Updates, Computer Protection ( endpoint protection) firewall

Winter Garden – Horizon West IT Company

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Winter Garden is a beautiful city with a fantastic community and culture. Horizon West is probably one of the most beautiful and newest areas in Winter Garden, attracting new families and businesses alike. Corporate Shields of Central Florida is a technology management company offering complete IT Services, IT Security, and IT Support in an all-inclusive

Why you don’t need an IT Company in Orlando

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You need an IT Security Company which can also provide you with IT Services and support! As a business owner, you are likely wearing many hats and trying to focus on increasing your sales and profits. Maybe you are a business owner simply trying to improve your services or see more patients. However, you,

Small Business Technology Trends in 2019

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Technology is ever-changing. Businesses who are able to stay on-trend are able to stay ahead of their competition. Those that don’t may left behind. Business owners and managers must be able to recognize these trends and stay on top of them. The trends in 2020 will surely be different from

IT Relocation Project Tips For A Successful Move

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Moving is so stressful. We understand this! For the smoothest, easiest move possible, lots of planning needs to take place well ahead of time. Timing, manpower, and financials need to be figured out before the move begins. It’s good practice to have a set of rules to abide by going

Small Business Cyber Security Checklist

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Today, it’s more important than ever to take all the precautions available to keep your network secure. We need to be vigilant about what’s out there waiting to get in. Every business should have a cyber security checklist that they follow to minimize the threat of attack. This checklist should be clear and concise,

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