Business Tech Support in Orlando

Business Tech Support in Orlando

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You have a business, and your days are hectic. Your staff is focused on your customers, and you are trying to focus on your business. The demand for your attention to business computer issues can be daunting, and your staff looks to you for leadership. When computer issues come up in your business, your team will look at you and expect you to fix everything wrong with their computers. Understandably, you are a business owner trying to run your business but also need to make sure your staff has the tools to do their job.

So what do you do? You go on Google and start looking for Business Tech Support in Orlando, computer services companies in Orlando or Tech support companies in the Orlando area trying to find a solution to your computer problems and put an end to the technology challenges in your office.Once you find a company, you might want to ask a few questions to make sure you are hiring the right IT company for your business.

Here are a few questions you should ask before you hire an IT Company to help you with your business technology challenges:

1) Price
Many IT Companies will charge high hourly rates and work in a “break and fix manner.” This approach can get very expensive, and a simple computer repair can end up costing you thousands of dollars. Ask for flat rate pricing and a money-back guarantee. This format will force the IT company to fix your issue on their first visit and guarantee that the work will cover your needs. Business Tech Support in Orlando is easy to find but many companies will try to charge you hourly which will be expensive.

2) Contracts
If you are looking for an IT company to offer you Managed Services, such as backups, cyber protection, and IT Support, ask for a month to month subscriptions like the ones our company Corporate Shields offers. Don’t sign long term contracts or yearly contracts. Things happen, businesses go through cycles, or directly the services you were promised are no longer a good fit for the business. You should have the right to choose and change IT companies as needed and get the services that fit your business the best.

3) Type of Services
Try to stay away from “break and fix” type services. You might think you are saving by having your computers and business network only fixed when there is a problem but you are wrong! The break and fix model will male the IT company rich while you are still dealing with unplanned downtimes and decreased productivity. A managed plan will give you practice maintenance and monitoring, which will cut down on unplanned network outages and increased productivity. Also, you will be able to budget your IT costs better.

4) Type of IT Company
IT companies, like everything else in life, come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. However, you need to ask if their workforce is local, outsourced, or even in the US. Many IT franchises share technicians and other resources, which means you have to wait long hours before you get someone on the phone. Other IT companies are only selling long-term contracts, and the owner has little to no experience in computers and technology, which will create a lack of quality in services.

5) Partner with and IT company don’t hire one
Having a partnership with a reputable IT company can save you thousands of dollars on computer repairs and avoid unwanted downtimes. Working with an IT company, on a “need basis” will be costly, and you will never be able to optimize your computer network. Corporate Shields has many plans, and we customize our services to fit your business. We never lock you into a contract, and we guarantee our services. Our services can reduce IT costs, extend the life of your technology investment, but most importantly, protect your business.

The most important thing to take from this article is that you have options and do not need to sign a long term contract, and if you have any questions, make sure you call us first. Call our office today and ask how we can help you improve your business productivity.

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