Best Cloud Backup Solutions for Small Businesses

Some STATS FIRST! About cloud backup for business

Let’s talk about important statistics which many small businesses owner are unaware of. Studies show that 60% of companies that experience a significant data loss will shut down their doors within 6 months. If this is not concerning enough, the fact is that 140,000 hard disks crash every week in the US alone.

We wrote an article explaining Areas of IT you can Outsource, including backups. The article talks about the services we offer that can protect your business. So are you protecting your business? Well, the truth that many business owners neglect to invest in the right backup solution.

Corporate Shields offers the best backup software for small business operations with flexible pricing options. Given the risk of losing your data, every business needs to invest in a reliable backup solution. Your backup solution should include an online backup replication option.

For years we have been managing server backup solutions for small businesses and always encourage our customers to take advantage of Cloud Backup technology. The best backup solutions for small business is the one that fits your budget and works for your business.

Corporate Shields offer small business computer IT Support services to help businesses stay productive and profitable.

So today, we will look at some of the Best Backup Solutions for Small Businesses.

Many small businesses are adopting the Cloud and expanding their use of cloud technology due to its ease of use and affordability. You might be using data storage solutions from companies like Microsoft, Amazon, and even Dropbox.

These services are not online backups solutions; these are file synchronization services that allow you to store your files in the Cloud so you can access them from anywhere. Services like Dropbox allow businesses to safely share files and collaborate with customers.

These services are not native cloud backups for businesses, in fact, services like Dropbox are not able to back you your server system files or create a recovery backup image. If you are relying on Dropbox to recover from a disaster recovery situation, you are in trouble and this article is for you.

You must implement a business backup solution and, most importantly, a cloud back service for small businesses to have a full disaster recovery plan.


So what is the best backup solution for a small business?

Here is the list of the best backup solutions for small businesses.

1) (Best Cloud Backup Option) – Corporate Shields Managed Online Backups

best backup solutions for small business

Yes, this may seem a bit “sales-ish”, but here is the reason we are including our own Cloud Backup Solution in this article. First, our managed online backup solution comes with a multi-million dollar insurance and recovery guarantees.

Second, we use military-grade encryption and our backup service is monitored by our backup experts here in the USA. Our managed online backup service utilizes next-generation back up software and powerful cloud storage to protect your data.

Our cloud backup is the best cloud backup solution for small businesses since it is managed by our backup experts and priced for small businesses. A Managed Service is a service that is offered to your businesses and is managed by the IT company.

Managed Services cut all the risks associated with DYI solutions. Our managed backups solutions are also monitored 24/7 by trained staff, in other words, this is not a set and forget it type of service, it is managed and monitored.

Many online backup companies claim to offer a small business backup solution product, but then the prices and complexity of those products harm small businesses rather than helping.

SMB Backup Solutions – “Best online backup for small business”

Corporate Shields SMB Backup Solution is built for businesses that are serious about protecting their data and want the very best encryptions. Because our backup service is managed, you will get the best protection and reliability for your money. Corporate Shields is currently managing thousands of businesses across the world.

Our managed backup solutions also offer strong encryption and all your data is encrypted before the data transfer, at motion, and while your data is at rest. Corporate Shields’ managed cloud backup service uses end to end encryption to make sure no one can see your data.

Corporate Shields Online Managed backup service is a server backup options replacement. With the capability of protecting your businesses from any disaster.

What our customer enjoy:

  • 24/7 phone support
  • We answer our phones “live”, you get a support technician on the phone every time.
  • Our backup solutions are managed, meaning we do all the configuring, monitoring and support
  • Monthly reports- we provide monthly reports showing how your data is being protected
  • Reliable computer backup systems for small business

What our customers might not like:

  • So far we haven’t had any “dislikes” but are always listening to our customers for feedback
  • Our prices are fair and similar to all the vendors below but having a team managing your
    backups can increase costs just a bit

2) Carbonite carbonite

Carbonite is a popular online backup for businesses. Carbonite is an affordable cloud backup service and one of the easiest to use once everything is configured. Carbonite is not a managed service but a product that you must configure and monitor yourself.

Carbonite has been around for many years and is one most recognized names in the back industry. Carbonite began its business by proving home users affordable backups for home computers.

Carbonite offers excellent storage options and is a good choice for small business owners with some knowledge of backups. Their server and computer backups start at about $50 dollars a month with basic encryption.

What we like:

  • Reliable Service
  • Many Plan Options
  • Well known brand

What we don’t like

  • The options and plans can be confusing for some users
  • Many, many options with different encryption and options, users can miss out on much-needed features
  • Support is not as responsive as Corporate Shields Support Team

3) Backblaze backblaze

Backblaze is a great online backup option, and we like its automated Hard drive scanning feature. The automated hard drive scanning feature will look for files in your hard drive needing to be backed. The GUI is easy to use and is very easy to exclude files and folders.

Backblaze offers good pricing options and competitive protection plans. Backblaze has a very cool interface and its website is very easy to navigate. This is a plus for many home users and small business users alike.

What we like:

  • Very cool and user-friendly Interface
  • Simple Pricing
  • 15 days free trial

What we don’t like:

  • Again, Support! Backblaze support is mainly online or via chat.
  • You must submit a ticket to get support
  • Replies can take a day

4) Acronis acronis backup

Acronis is a good option, and a reliable SMB backup solution, but the price can be a deterrent for some customers. However, if you are looking for the best backup software, Acronis can deliver. Acronis offers continue backups and protect your data using end to end encryption.

However, Acronis is not as easy to set up as our managed online backups or Carbonite. You will find excellent features such as blockchain checks and ransomware monitoring, but all these features do come at a cost.

What we like:

  • A large company with multiple products
  • Various options for home users and businesses

What we don’t like:

  • Very Large company, some small users can get lost in their website
  • Some options can confuse users and IT Help will be needed to implement some of these options
  • Their business options are confusing for some businesses owners
  • You will need help with Acronis products
  • Some options can be very expensive for small businesses owners
  • Some might not find Acronis to be the best cloud backup for small business

5) OpenDrive OpenDrive

OpenDrive is an excellent platform, but the 500GB storage limit cap will push away a lot of businesses. If you are looking for a business cloud backup, you are likely to need at least 1 terabyte of space. Unless you are protecting small files or very small systems, a 500GB cloud storage might not be sufficient.

A network backup solution should be planned well, and having ample storage to protect your business is crucial. The last thing you want is to pay for a backup solution and later find out you are not backing up your entire business.

OpenDrive does offer encryption for your files and a nice 90 days recycle bin for deleted files.

What we like:

  • Free Home version with up to 5GIG
  • Free Trial
  • Flexible Pricing Options

What we don’t like:

  • Online support only
  • No support chat available
  • No phone support number ( you must submit a ticket )

Choosing the best cloud backup solution for your small business can be confusing and frustrating. There many companies in the backup market and all gave excellent features and useful options. However, not every backup service will work for your business.

Also, it would be best if you considered whether you will be managing the system your self or you will have some help.

If you are a small business, we do not recommend you attempt to manage your own backup solution. Unless you are well-trained and understand backup systems, you could put your own business at risk.

This is why we recommend our Managed backup solution instead of “help-yourself” backup solutions.

With our managed online backup product, you get back up reports everything month, so you know your data is being protected, but we manage the solution for you.


A good cloud backup for business must be easy to use and something you can understand. In most cases, a managed solution is the best alternative for small business owners, why, because it is managed for you! If you are a small business and are serious about protecting your your data, talk to a professional and get your backup plan built and configured right.

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