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What Is Application Hosting?

Every type of company uses specialized software to run their business. Many businesses have in-house servers that host these applications. With cloud-based application hosting, you have the opportunity to migrate your application server offsite. By taking your application server off-premise, you are saving money while also increasing the reliability and availability of your applications.

With Corporate Shield’s application server hosting services, your company’s data and applications can stored and run from a cloud environment. Cloud-based application servers are customizable to the customer’s needs. These servers allow applications and data to be accessed securely from anywhere with internet access and aren’t affected by localized weather and power-related events.

Key Benefits

Why Corporate Shields?

Your business can’t perform without access to your application server. It can mean life or death to your company. Put your trust in the experienced hands of Corporate Shields for you cloud-based application hosting needs. We are available every step of the way, from planning and migration to ongoing support. You can rely on our experienced team to provide rapid support for any issues that come up along the way.


“Corporate Shields helped us find a solution for our unique needs and worked with us diligently to get all aspects resolved to our satisfaction. We are very pleased with their solution.”
Julie Mack, Mack Software in Texas
“Thank you for your prompt responses to our request. Keep it up. :)”
Rhea, TMH Medical Services
“Continue doing what you are doing . . Omar rocks!”
“Love that you take the time and much patience to come down to a NON TECHY level to walk me thru anything.”
Linda, CallaSlimSpa

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