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Corporate Shields is a technology company offering Managed IT Services, Cyber Security Solutions, IT Support, and Cloud Solutions.  We are one of Orlando’s Top IT Companies offering affordable but reliable IT Services in Central Florida. Our Technical Teams have years of experience in various Information Technology fields. Our team members are professional, friendly, and always willing to help business owners with their IT challenges. As our company name implies, we can protect your business from Internet threats, hackers, and other cyber threats as only a Top Quality IT Company can.

Leading Corporate Shields

For over 20 years, Hector has been involved in the technology industry and has held leadership roles at major corporations. Hector has a strong Cyber Security background with many accomplished projects under his belt, including projects for companies such as Sony Pictures. Hector founded Corporate Shields in 2009 and has been working with small and mid-size businesses since.

There are many IT Companies in the Orlando Area but our team of experts have years of combined experience in Business Networks and are all located in our Orlando office. Our headquarter is located in Orlando, Florida and we conduct business across Central Florida and internationally. Corporate Shields is engaged in every aspect of the Information Technology and Cyber Security Industries with strategic partnerships to boost our services and stay ahead. We ARE NOT a franchise!  Our team is here in our offices and ready to help you.  Get your Shields Up! Protect your business today!

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Total Peace of Mind Knowing Immediate Response and Timely resolution is always available

Two of the most significant benefits of switching Calla SlimSpa to Corporate Shields are response time, and I can always talk to a technician on the phone.

They answer their phones live and respond to emails promptly; that’s is a fantastic benefit. A significant difference from other IT firms is their state-of-the-art security and management platform can proactively find problems in our office network before we see the effect in the office.

If you are looking for a great IT Firm, get off the fence, and make the best decision for your IT needs.

Linda Whittaker
Executive Director
Calla SlimSpa

Corporate Shields Gets It Done, Hector and His Team Are The Best In Florida

Our business requires very technical and reliable service, and Corporate Shields personalized support met our goals. Corporate Shields commits to your success and works with you all the way to make sure you achieve your business goals.

We had worked with other IT companies before but Corporate Shields worked tirelessly with us to find the best solutions for our Needs.

Julie Mack

Knowledge, communication, and dedication is the focus of Corporate Shields towards the customer base they serve. Communication has been the biggest difference!

Communication has been the most upfront difference between Corporate Shields support service team and that of other IT firms in the past.

John Sluzar

Industrial Engineering