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Corporate Shields is a prominent source of technology news, technology information and tech gear reviews, as well as helpful guidelines for utilizing including finding the best technology products and software.

Our team of IT experts researches, reviews, and recommends the best innovations, gadgets, and technology.

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Corporate Shields, based in Orlando, Florida, is a US-based company. Many tech review websites can't say that.

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Corporate Shields is unique in that in addition to being a tech publication and news hub, we also operate a small consulting firm in Orlando, Florida. The same professionals who consult with actual customers conduct research for our articles.

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Our team tests software and products, such as laptops, computers, routers, security and smart technology equipment, at our Orlando location, which doubles as a testing laboratory.

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Although branded products are sent to our office by various brands and manufacturers, our opinions and data are our own, and no one outside of Corporate Shields has input on the content that appears in our articles.

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A short introduction to your team members and why their background should inspire potential clients’ confidence.

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Hector has worked in the Information Technology industry for more than two decades and has a solid background in IT, Cyber Security, and IT Technology.

Patricia (CISSP) - Editor

Patricia is a leading expert in the cyber security field and leads our research and product testing department.

Kathryn - Editor

Technology Writer

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This Amazon team is responsible for creating, formatting, and publishing the entire website's content.

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