Computer Repairs and Services in Orlando Florida

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IT Computer Services and Repairs in Orlando Winter Garden Corporate Shields is a technology company offering business Cyber Protection and IT Services for all kinds of businesses. We also provide next-generation computer services and repairs to Orlando's business community. We understand how important it is to have healthy computers in your office. Our team

How to reset NUBIA Drive Password

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Drive Password Reset Instructions:   Open a browser and go to Click the Forgot Password? link on the bottom of the page, as shown below. In the following Window, enter your e-mail address registered to the drive in field A and the captcha letters and numbers in field B and click Submit.   4.  You will now need to

How to change NUBIA Drive Password

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Change NUBIA Drive password Instructions:   1. Once logged into the web portal (, click on the top right corner's icon. Then click Change Password.   2. In the following screen, to have the system generate the password via email, check Let system generate password (password will be sent via email). To set the password manually,

How to change your Parallels password

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Change Parallels Password Instructions:   1. Double-click the Parallels Icon on the task bar of your computer. Bottom right corner for Windows users and Top right corner for MAC users.   2. You will see the following window if you already have the connection setup. Sign into your connection by double-clicking it and entering your

How to setup Parallels Agent

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Setup Parallels Agent Instructions: 1. Go to   2. Click Download Client on the top right.     3. If you already have the Parallels client installed, skip to step 6. Otherwise, if you need to install it, click Download.     4. If you get the following warning, click Proceed.   5. Once

How to setup NUBIA Drive Agent

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Setup NUBIA Drive Instructions:   1. Open a browser and go to You will see a similar window to the one shown below. Once here, sign in with the User Name and Password provided to you.   2. Once signed in, you will see a similar window to the one shown below. Please click

Secure You Nubia Drive Account

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Nubia Drive Account Security Settings Here are a few simple steps to help you secure your Nubia Drive Account Nubia Drive is a Powerful and Secure Cloud File Storage solution with strong encryption technology and granular permissions settings. Nubia Drive offers to every customers security options only found in Enterprise Storage Solutions. Our strong

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